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Word origins (at least, what I can speculate)

by Kamitra

  • Dominia- ‘dominus’ or plural ‘domini’ means ‘master’ or owner. Also “name that became the official title for the emperor” or ‘lord’
  • Seraph- a member of the highest order of angels.
  • Fatima- a city of pilgrimage, and one of the daughters of Muhammad, revered by Muslims.
  • Balthasar- something to do with art. Balthazar is a wine bottle with a capacity of 13 quarts.
  • St.Bartholomew- one of the apostles as told by the Bible; only mentioned briefly.
  • Zephyr- also ‘Zephyrus’ which is Greek mythology of the god of Westwind, which was the gentlest and nicest of winds
  • Sigurd- later called ‘Siegfried’, a Norse hero.
  • Yggdrasil- tree of fate... “the welfare of the entire world is dependent on the primordial tree.” (Norse, Greek, and Roman)
  • Nisan, Kislev, and Shebat- months in the Jewish Calendar.
  • Gebler- the man who forced William Tell to shoot at the apple (from a famous story/tale).
  • Goliath- a warrior who challenged the Israelites in combat (Bible).
  • Thames- a river in southern England.
  • Ethos- (definition) appeal of (a/the) speaker’s character, or a high moral purpose.
  • Wels- a city in Austria.
  • Tower of Babel- “...erected by descendants of Noah who were attempting to unite all peoples in building a city and tower that would reach heaven. God thwarted their efforts.” (Bible)
  • Id- (definition) a mostly unconscious part of the mind containing instincts and repressed things.
  • Metatron- a powerful angel in early Jewish tradition.
  • Abel and Cain- sons of Adam and Eve (Bible).
  • Helmholtz- probably in reference to the Scottish physicist Hermann Von Helmholtz or the cloud Cirrus Kelvin- Helmholtz (which was named after him anyway.).
  • Ignas- this is interesting. ‘ignis’ which is Greek for ‘fire’. (This could be a reference to all the war that ravaged the land...but...) ‘Ignatius of Loyola’ was the founder of Jesuits. Also, Ignacio is a place in Colorado.
  • Aquavy Islands- a no-brainer, but ‘aqua’ means ‘water’ in Greek. If you’re wondering, ‘aer’ is air, and ‘terra’ is earth.
  • Sophia- means ‘wisdom’ (I’m sure it’s Arabic).
  • Elru- maybe from Elul, another month in the Jewish Calendar.
  • Billy Lee Black- all right, this involved no research. I remember something about a ‘Reverend Lee Black’, I think, but of course the ‘Billy’ is from the famous Gunslinger, ‘Billy the Kid’.
  • Solaris- another no-brainer. ‘Sol’ is the name of our sun (Greek), like the moon is called ‘Luna’.
    [Editor's Note: This next clip is also from Kamitra.]

    I did find out what Jugend means...
    -digs for disk file-
    I don't know if I sent it already, but here it is.
    It seems that Jugend comes from. . . -flips through a book for a book analysis- uh, I can't find it again, so this is from memory. Okay, it seems that it comes from Hitlerjugend, which is- oh, does that ring a bell? I sure hope it does. Anyway, that should explain everything, but I don't know the details, but now I have the name, I could probably find it in the encyclopedia.

    I just realized something... so THAT's why all Solarians were blond... I wondered about that. Hitler was known for his uh.. 'superior race' of blond hair and blue eyes. I know you already know that one, but I'm showing my thought. That means Citan must've really been a lamb... because I rem that only Solarians were blond, but what about Yui? What does that make her, since she's supposed to be from Shevat?

    Or was one of Yui's parents from Solaris, and came to Shevat for refuge? What about Midori? I don't think she suffers from inbreeding... right?

    I can't think of anything else...

    Oh, and another. Also, it seems that the title "Young Master" is not quite uncommon in Japan... maybe. I really wouldn't know, but the book I'm reading, "The Makioka Sisters" is right before WWII, and that one of the maids refer to a younger one in another family as 'young master'. So it seems that Citan was really asking of Sigurd if the pirate (Bart) was the young master, or the head person... I guess. That's just my speculation, so maybe you could find the book or something.

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