Xenogears Episodes

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This isn't my "personal theory" anymore! Amber Michelle has the "Perfect Works" book, which is the Xenogears Art Book (and also a sourcebook). From the book, the episodes are as follows:

  • Epsiode 1: 15 000 years ago; likely with the birth of Zohar or Deus.
  • Epsiode 2: 10 000 years ago. Crash of the Eldridge. Young Fei survives the crash. Cain and Abel. The first humans. Miang, the "Lilith".

  • Epsiode 3: 4 000 years ago. War of Zeboim. Kim and Elly. Birth of Emeralda.

  • Epsiode 4: 500 years ago. War with Solaris - the Diabolos Wars. Sophia, Lacan, Roni, Rene. The Omnigears.

  • Epsiode 5: NOW. Fei and Elly. The Meeting of the Contact. The death of Deus.

  • Epsiode 6: In the future (the number I hear is five years after).

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