Deus Ex Machina Dating System

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In order to keep track of Deus Ex Machina's timeline, I devised a dating system for the world of Xenogears.

The months and the days are exactly the same as the Earth Year, for simplicity. The months count from January to December, with the same number of days in each month. The spring and fall equinoxes are the same. The end of the solar year is the same.
However, the years are different. There are two numbers to the year: a Roman Numeral and a set of Arabic numerals, looking like V-498.
The Roman numberal five means the "Episode", as defined by my "Episodes of Xenogears" document. Episode IV ended at the establishment of peace with Solaris. Episode V began at that point.
The Arabic numerals represent the years after the beginning of the Episode. Thus, V-498 means 498 years after the beginning of Episode V.
Just as on Earth, as soon as it is January 1, the year goes up by one.
If you want to think of it as such, you may state that "V" is similar to how people use A.D. (or C.E.) on earth. We say, "1999 A.D.". On the Xenogears World, they would say "V-498".

The current year in Deus Ex Machina is V-498. The game started on June 26th, V-498.

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