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Quick and Messy Set of Notes

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Just so you know, this is a quick compilation of notes and information that I acquired or made during my search for information. Not all of it may neccessarily be true, and it is also presented in random order. I just decided to put this here because it just might answer a question you had.

There also might be spoilers below.

Notes about Zeboim and 4000 years ago:

The place (Country? City?) Kim and Elly lived 4000 years ago. They were involved in a war, likely with some other country during that time. Due to Nuclear Fallout, genetic mutations were happening and people were dying by the age of 30. People were also becoming sterile as the war carried on. Kim's anger of humanity and bitterness led him to create Emeralda. He used his and Elly's DNA to create a replica of someone who could have been their child, except that this child was created entirely of Nanomachines. As time carried on, Elly was shot and killed, and it is assumed that Kim was killed soon after.

I personally call this saga of Xenogears "Episode 2".

Personal Addition: I made it so that Emeralda was born with the intelligence of a five-year old. She lived in town as a normal human being for about a year or two before the Government found out about her and wanted to use her as a weapon. Elly was shot as Kim contained Emeralda in stasis so the governemnt had no available access to her. She stayed that way (apparently) for 4000 years until found by Bishop Stone and Fei's group.

Notes about Nisan, for my next fanfic:

After you fight the Big Sulfural Mass (the BSM), the team goes to Nisan, where the refugees are, right? According to my knowledge, and the answers to my questions, Bart and Citan have Omnigears, and the team goes to get the second-last Anima relic (Billy's).

At this point, did the Gazel Ministry use that Key (What is that key's name? If you know, tell me, PLEASE!) and stuff? I THINK Ramsus is recovering from a battle with Fei... does Ramsus have an omnigear yet? Then I don't remember for sure if Cain is dead at this point or not. And where do Krelian and Miang work if Solaris is totally destroyed? Are they in their battleship, or the Melkaba (s.p.) or what? If anyone reads these and has answers, please E-mail me.

Personal Addition: Right now, I'm writing about the mission in Nisan, centered around Emeralda. I want to have Krelian come down, and she has to confront him. The story isn't finished yet because I need the answers to my questions above to make sure it's accurate.

MORE BLURBS: Yup! I know that the Gaetia key is the key used by the Ministry. Right now, I don't have any more notes, but my next fiction plan is about Emeralda (but who else?) from Citan's point of view. He will be the main narrator, and I hope it will have a unique effect.
Fanfiction idea.

Ever since April 12, I've been working on a Xenogears fanfiction featuring the fate of Zeboim. Many other people are starting to write about this as well as myself, so I hope my story won't be so wild as to be unrealistic, compared to the others stories. Due to the multitude of stories about Xenogears on the Internet, this will probably be my last fanfiction in the Xenogears world :)

NOTES: Somehow, I don't see Zeboim as having a very large technological base, as compared to the 20th Century. I see them as just barely in the 20th-21st Century technology level; lots of computers, lots of automation, but nothing such as cold fusion reactors, advanced cyrogenics, or even gears; in my fanfiction, not a single reference to gears are made.

The nanomachines are, by far, the most advanced invention of the age. I never explain their origins, but perhaps an addition that explains how Nanomachines appeared in the world would be a good revelation.

Right now, the more I think about it, the more I wonder why the heck Miang wants to chase down Fei. IS there really a reason for Miang to find Fei? Isn't the important one Elly? And doesn't she have to Merge with Elly and all that... what does it take for her to do that? Does the Ministry have to turn the Key first? What the heck was stopping the Ministry from turning the key way back when in the past... nowadays, they do the purges because there are too many "inferior bodies" in the world. So why not just turn the key now and get it over with?

In my story, I wrote that Cain must die first... and thus, Kim, the Contact of the Zeboim era, is the only one who is capable of killing Cain. I have to do a better job of adding in this motive, as it's not made very clear in my story so far. Miang, therefore, has to influence Kim and try to make him come with her and strike Cain down. As for Elly, as long as Cain is out of the picture, then she can merge with Elly uninhibited and revive the main body of Deus. I may have these facts TOTALLY wrong, but it's not the important part of my fiction anyway... the conflict between nations at war is the true struggle here, and the task of the few who are trying to deal with it.

Obviously, the main characters of my story are Kim and Elly... in addition to them, the supporting members of the cast are Miang (the Prime Minister's wife), General Kreruain Malkut, and General Ken Sigfried. Emeralda makes a few appearances as well. The story is about the rise and fall of Zeboim... and its fall is something I want to make extremely dark and dreary.

Now, I'm about eighty pages into the first rough draft, and it's showing signs of ending within the next fourty pages or so. None of it is typed yet; I only do that after the story's rough draft is complete (and then, as I type it out, I will NOT be posting chapter-by-chapter installments until the entire fiction is considered complete.

Here are a lot of notes sent to be by private E-mail from Amber Michelle that really helped me work out the kincks in my fiction. She says that she's actually contradicted some of it later, but I'm quoting exactly what she said here, so you will have to visit her web page to find out what these mistakes might be.

Subject: Answers to (some) of your questions. ^_^ Date: 5/03/99 First, the Zeboim Era is Episode Three. That much was easy to read on the timeline. ^_^

(Here I might repeat what others said, but oh well.)
Ramsus got Vendetta at the end of Disc One. It isn't even the same gear (Wyvern and Vendetta are two different gears). At the time people are searching for the Anima Relics, Ramsus is still in recovery, and the military still travels via the airship.

Krelian and Miang work/live in the Ministry's ship, the Ezekiel, which later becomes the core of the Merkava and Deus's third form (the dungeon).

The Ministry wants to use the Gaetia key, but Cain does stop them -- so Ramsus is convinced to kill Cain in order to gain his full power. They then use the Key, the Eldrige rises, and Krelian erases the Ministry from existence. (Yeah! ^_~)

Uh...... Miang needs the Contact just as much as the Anti-type, and I think she gravitates toward him first simply because, strictly speaking, she should have an easier time "convincing" him to join up. Supposedly. However, you could be right about him being able to kill Cain...... he may still be an obstacle as far as the Key is concerned. But during the Zeboin Era, Solaris did not play a large role in the destiny of the world -- they were standing by during the war, hoping it would make the surface more pliable (I think). Miang would have tried to stop it, simply because she NEEDS a certain number of humans to build Deus's body. Humans are the key to revivng it.

About Emeralda:

Emeralda was born in the year 6082, and she was away until 6084, when Kim sealed her away to prevent the Prime Minister from getting his hands on her. Whether Miang had any influence in this isn't clear to me at the moment...... (darn kanji...)

About Miang:

Apparently she was close to the Prine Minister, but I can't tell if they were actually married or not -- only that she ran things behind the scenes. She could have been an aide for all I know, like with Ramsus -- same amount of influence. She was around from 6053 to 6081. It doesn't say (that I can understand) that she was around after that -- she may have been killed in the war.

Just as a side note, Miang is also referred to as "System Hawwa" ("Hawwa" being her last name.).

About the War/Countries of Zeboim:

I think "Zeboim" was the country, and they were fighting rebels against the government...... this has no basis in fact -- it's simply my opinion. They talked about a world government, and with Miang in power, I would imagine it being pretty tyrranical. Naturally, there would be rebels. ^_^

That's it -- phew! *gasps for breath* I talk too much!! But anyway, I really hope this'll help you! ^_^ Ja ne!

Amber Michelle

END NOTES by Arcana

Answers to some of my Questions

Here are some of the answers that were mailed to me. This is by Andrew. Thank you, Andrew!

In response to some of your questions posted on your page, the key that 
the Gazel uses is called the Gaetia Key. As far as the timeline of 
events, this is my take on it.  I hope this helps you.
Disc 1
-Ramsus gets the Anima Relic and gets "Vendetta" where as he hunts down 
-Krelian releases the nanomachine virus that with the impending removal 
of the limiters, people become Wels
Disc 2
-The nanomachines populate the world and the limiters are being removed 
causing people to turn into Wels
-The Gazel starts the Soylent complexes which "help" mutated people by 
turning them into the Sufal Mass for Deus' physical body.
-The Fei Team goes around and destroys all the complexes, which spurs 
the Gazel to want to use the key, but Cain stops them
-The Fei Team then get Billy's Anima Relic and fight the Elements
-Dominia overhears a conversation with Miang and Gazel, and goes to help 
Ramsus, and by the sound of the ambient noise, and the way the cockpit 
looks, they are on Ramsus' Gebler ship
-The Gazel and Krelian, along with Miang's help, convince Ramsus to kill 
Cain for Ramsus' benefit
-The Anima Relic for Rico's gear is gained, and The Fei Team fights 
-Ramsus kills Cain, Gazel uses the Gaetia Key, and Mahanon rises.

Another set of responses, this time from Michael.

Ramsus is still recovering from his battle with Fei. Ramsus had his omnigear, the "Vendetta" since the end of disc 1. Cain is still living. He dies right before Fei enters the remains of the Eldridge, "Mahanon." I do not know where Krelian and Miang work, but Solaris was not destroyed, just the capital "Etrenank." Please let me know if this information helps in your fanfic.

Third set of responses by Jann.

The Key Is called the "Gaetica Key" That the Gazel Ministry's supposed to use after the world is entirely populated, thus, Old Turtle-Deus was awakened, and lived for a brief moment. Thankyou, bide away, My name is Jann, With a double "N"

Fourth set of responses by "Nick Rascia".

Well, Miang embodies the person who is next in line which is any random
woman, EXCEPT once deus rises. Then when Miang dies, her concience will
embody Elly, And I suppose she chased fei around to make sure that he was
following what was planned for him and so he could fulfill his purpose.

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