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Not surprisingly, many of the affiliations are exactly the same as the game. However, there are extra affiliations that may be useful to note. They are listed in no particular order.


A desert country in the centre of the Ignatian continent. They rule the southern part, and are close allies with Nisan. Their Capital is Bledavik; another outpost is Dazil.
At the moment, they are at war with neighbouring Kislev. Most of the population are nomads. (This culture is reminicient of the Middle East of the current world.) The traditional monarchy has been the Fatima family, but after a recent coup, Tomaru, the Prime-Minister, has taken over.
At the moment, Aveh's alliance with Solaris has made the difference in the war.

DeM Persona of Aveh


A country that dominates the northern portion of Ignas. They share a common border with Aveh (which lies around the Central Barrier Range) whom they are at war with.
Some towns are rather industrialized, but most of the land is still dominated by rural families dotted throughout the temperate countryside. Kislev's farmers grow wheat, corn, and barley. Nortune, its capital, is a densely populated city with smokestacks, smelting plants, and refineries.
Kislev is ruled by a Kaiser, and its warriors are dedicated and disciplined to their cause. Before Gebler's involvement, Kislev was more advanced in warfare and was dominating Aveh forces. However, due to their losing posiiton in the war, Kislev people and soldiers are now regarded with disrespect.
The culture of Kislev is reminiscient of 1900's Germany or Stalin's U.S.S.R..

DeM Persona of Kislev
  • Athena, Gear Strike Captain.
  • Deren, Covert Operative.


A country in the sky, capital Etrenank. The city is gigantic and is protected by three gate generators on the surface that make the city invisible. Because it is constantly moving, the city is rarely stumbled upon by "accident".
Solaris is involved with humanity on many levels. "Gebler", or the Solaris Surface Military forces, are allied with Aveh. On the next step, it is known that they have an immense hatred of "Lambs", or surface-dwellers, and it is their goal to discipline them, or elimiate those who cannot be redeemed. This idea of the "pefect human" is reflected in those labelled "Gazel", who are Solaris pure-born.
The level above this is unknown to almost all human beings on the surface, and the majority of the Solarians. The Gazel Ministry, or the original twelve members birthed by Miang, reside in the SOL-9000, a computer hidden in Solaris. It is their quest to find a perfect body and to reform the body of Deus. Those who are not worthy are disposed in the Soylent System, a refinery which converts human flesh to edible food.
Solaris is a very advanced culture. It is equal to Shevat in terms of technology, and is a large step over Aveh and Kislev. However, the arrogance of most Solarians prove to be a downfall in battle when they are defeated by the Lambs.

DeM Persona of Solaris
  • Emperor Cain, Emperor of Solaris.
  • Mordon (Krelian), nanomachine spcialist and high-ranking doctor.
  • Myaru (Miang), lab assistant to Mordon and military officer.
  • Ariath (Ramsus), Lord Commander-in-Chief of Gebler Forces.
  • Victoria (Dominia), Command-level Fire Element.
  • Shaina (Kevlana), Water Element.
  • Xeilia (Tolone), Earth Element.
  • Alysril (Sephirata), Wind Element.
  • Irina (Emeralda), trainee gear pilot.
  • Phil, second-class citizen.


Shevat, the other flying city, is a long enemy of Solaris. They used to be fixed on the top of the Tower of Babel, but after the Diablos War, they rose off of the pillar and decided to be free from the affairs of the world.
The city is tranquil and peaceful, and utterly beautiful. Under the leadership of Queen Cyrene, there has been a long-lasting time of propserity, but as Aveh and Kislev fight, this prosperity is going down. Shevat is beginning to lose its self-sufficiency and is thus being pressured to be involved in the affairs of men once again.
In addition, its military forces are small, but due to tension with Solaris, it is slowly beginning to train new pilots and devote more resources to gears. They watch Solaris like a following hawk, but by themselves, are no match for the militaristic country.

DeM Persona of Shevat


Nisan is an independent northern country. It is a contiuing symbol of peace and prosperity. Nisan is known for its famous Nisan Sect, first headed by Mother Sophia, dedicated to compassion to others and peace.
It has long been recognized as an ally of Aveh, although it does not contribute its militia to any active battles. Nisan, which is separated by seas, mountains, and forests from Kislev and Aveh is relatively free of harm from battle; if any battles do occur, its skilled guerilla forces guarantee many casualties for the opposing army.
Nisan's large cathedral, in the centre of the ringed lake, is the focus of many pilgrimages. In the Cathedral, two statues float over the alter. One is female, while the other is male. They have only one wing each, and are reaching for each other. It is said, in Nisan myth, that these two angels cannot fly on their own, and reach for each other so that, together, they both fly.

DeM Persona of Nisan

The Ethos

The Ethos is another religion. Although their focus is also on helping others, they are also very involved in the preservation of history and archives, and encourage the study of science and engineering, especially when it comes to ancient devices and machines.
As a result, the Ethos are primarily responsible for coordinating salvages of gears from the ruins in the central Ignasian desert. They often withold information from the countries of Aveh and Kislev and use it for their own purposes.
In reality, the Ethos was set up by Solaris as a way to monitor the lambs and to acquire information from them.

DeM Persona in the Ethos

Aquavy Islands

The Aquavy Islands Archipelago is a collection of warm southern islands with temperate climate. The greenery is lush and the weather is quite nice in this area. The establishments here are limited to small fishing villiages and Ethos Churches; in fact, the Ethos Headquarters is in this region and is quite well-known.
There is no true centeral authority in Aquavy's Islands. Each state is independent, but each state treats the other in a neighbourly manner, almost like a large community. Almost all Aquavians are skilled boaters and fishers, and very few are unfamiliar with the Ethos. They are all also very conscious of Wels, which have been tormenting the area recently.

DeM Persona in the Aquavy Islands
  • Jacinth, woman whose life was shattered by the Wels.

The Yggdrasil and its Crew

The Yggdrasil is unchanged from the Yggdrasil in the game (including layout, room, and content), but be sure you add a casino located in the forefront inside the Gear hangar. This casino will consist of two poker tables, one blackjack table, one roulette table, one craps table, and five slot machines. A mini-bar is located in the rear of the casino. Its purpose in life? To reap, pillage, steal, and otherwise bother the rich, the annoying, the haughty, and anyone else who damn well gets in their way.

DeM Yggdrasil Crew

Blackmoon Forest

Many creatures native to the planet of Xenogears live in the Blackmoon Forest. These creatures range from animals like birds and small land-dwelling creatures to humanoid figures like the Forest Elves and Tunnel Dwarves.
They live in tribes and sometimes attack human beings, because humand tend to strike out against the elves for no reason. As a result of this discrimination, some of the tribes have banded together for the sake of protection, or for revenge.

DeM Persona in the Blackmoon Forest
  • Vincent, Grand Commander of the Forest Army.
  • Robin Second-in-Command of the Forest Army.

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