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Irina's Theme

Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Believed to be Zeboim.
Hair: Bronze-auburn
Eyes: Deep Hazel

Player Information
Name/Alias: Arcana
Sex: Male

Character Information
Name: She doesn't know, nor does she really care, but Myaru gave her the name "Irina".
Sex: Female
Age: Has the body of a mature teenager; roughly around 16-17 years old. She is suspected, in actuality, to be over 4000.
Birthdate: Unknown; thought to be sometime during the Zeboim era.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 104 lbs.

Eyes: Narrow, dark-hazel eyes that sparkle in the light like bright diamonds. Her eyelashes are thick and rich and appear almost black. The eyes are slightly upturned at the outside corners. The eyes are not wide, but they seem to be large enough to portray an air of sadness and grief. Her eyelids do not have a fold in them. However, when she is in a new, unfamilar place, they widen out and glow like a child's eyes when they see their new bike.
Hair: Thick, bronze hair that reaches past her waist. When she can, she tries to groom it but it is often left unbrushed and therefore looks tattered and frizzy. Yet, it seems to remain very soft. Her hair is slightly curly at the ends. If she can, she tries to get it cut short because it tends to get in her way a lot.
Build: Thin and narrow. She appears very lankey and looks like she is underfed. Her arms and her legs are very shapely and defined, but her ribcage is easily seen because she is frail. She has a petite chest and a narrow waist. On the average, she looks like she would crumple if she tried to carry a sack of flour. However, contrary to this frail appearance, she is actually quite strong and powerful.
Complexion: Tanned. She seems to temporarily acquire numerous scars and scrapes, usually on her knees, shins, and elbows, but these go away with time. Her skin in the summer is bronzed, and in the winter it is slightly lighter. Her skin, for the most part, is smooth, but her hands and arms tend to be dry and chafed.
Facial Features: Her eyes are narrow and small. Her lower facial features are rather close together (the nose, mouth, and chin). Her chin is narrow, and virtually flat. The cheekbones are high and she has dimples when she smiles. Her nose is rounded and rather flat. Her eyebrows are thin and bronze, like her hair.
Identifying Marks: None, unless you count her actions... her actions are usually so eccentric and odd that she stands out anywhere she goes. Her appearance, with tanned skin and bronze hair, combined with her child-like eagerness to learn new things, does not usually rub off easily on people.
Voice: She does not speak the Ignasian tongue, rather, she speaks an old form of Zebonese. The language emphasizes the vowels with high notes, making her seem like she is speaking some sort of baby talk. Irina's voice goes from a various range of highs to lows: from squeals and chirps of laughter, to low grunts. Lately, her fluency in Solarian is improving and she can put together simple phrases with no trouble.

Dress and Attire: She wears what she can find, which is usually rags. She has a red scarf that covers her hair and her face, in addition to stained, dirty travelling leathers that are patched up in numerous places. She doesn't care for the appearance or decoration of her clothes... she wears whatever works. She is right now donned in the typical Solaris Trainee Uniform.
Jewelry: A bracelet given to her by Myaru; she believes that it will help protect her from physical harm.
Weapons and Tools: A small knife and a recently-acquired short bow. Occasionally, she acquires throwing spears, short bows, and rifles from other people to use as hunting weapons. With a hunting rifle, she is a decent shot, even though she has no formal training. She also has a large canvas backpack with a pack-frame used to carry whatever it is that she swipes. She also has a modern, hand-operated can opener.
Armour: Nothing designed to protect against guns, blades, or magic.

Quiet and passive. She does not know her name and simply accepts the names that other people give her. The names have ranged from "Vanessa" (after a farmer's deceased daughter) to "Ruby" (for her bronze-reddish hair) to "Zeiaya". She is very docile and seems to be unable to fight, or even to comprehend fighting. She rarely speaks and accepts what is presented to her in life. Her gaze is shifty and, at first glance, it looks that she does not want to trust anyone.

She likes things that make her happy and feel pleasure. Usually, this comes in the form of eating. She is used to a life of no responsibility or commitment, and avoids any long relationships because they make her feel uncomfortable. She also has a thirst for exploring new places and experiencing new things.

She is extremely curious about her surroundings and likes to experience everything she can; local customs and proper manners are entirely alien to her; she does what she wants to do, with little care for how it affects others. Her mind seems to be very carefree and things from the past do not seem to bother her. Although she is often lost, she seems to find a way out doing whatever means she can. She appears to have no morals or beliefs, except for one: self- preservation. She will do anything as long as she is kept alive.

Although she dislikes responsibility, she will work and do as she is told as long as she can feel the immediate rewards. She does not like doing tasks such as taking out the garbage a few days in advance or milking cows ahead of time. She does tasks out of neccessity, and works most efficiently if she can see what the effects of her actions are. As a result of this need, she tends to be a good cook, for cooking gives immediate (and often favourable) reactions from guests and her own stomach. She will also hunt if she can cook the animal and eat it later. She does not understand the concept of money, for earning money does not give any immediate results. Money, in itself, is useless to her.

As a result of this course of thinking, she finds no worth in decorations such as flowers, elaborate clothing, or jewelry. She is very prudent and cares only for that which is useful. She is also a very short term thinker who never seems to wonder about the consequences of her actions even in as short of a span as a week.

Her attitude of working as long as she is rewarded, her silence, and her simgle-minded instinct gives others the impression that she is more like an animal than a human, or, if human, that she is a lot younger in mind than she appears in body. She herself never thinks twice about how she lives or what she does; she doesn't second-guess herself, and rather does what she feels is best for her, and her self-preservation.

Read Irina's Background and History

Birthplace: Unknown; but now believed to be born in Zeboim.

Mother: Suspicions lie with Elly Kasim.
Father: Unknown; thought to be "genetically born" from Kim Kasim.
Siblings: Unknown.
Mate: No permanent mate.
Children: None.
Other relations: Those who adopted her, such as Sister Amy and Sister Marsha. She also has high respect for Myaru.

Occupation: In training to be a Solaris Gear Pilot.
Secondary Skills: She is a good shot with a hunting rifle. She is also resourceful, courageous, and brave. She doesn't seem to know any fear.
Abilities and Disabilities: She seems to be able to turn her hair and hands into blades, according to the Ethos workers. However, no one else has confirmed this. She also seems to be able to go for many days without food, and without complaining. She is very sure-footed and steady, in addition to athletic.
However, she has absolutely no concept about what morals are, or how society is built, and therefore tends to get into a lot of trouble with other people. She also seems unable to speak the native language, either, though she appears to understand perfectly.
Hobbies: She enjoys cooking and hunting, as long as she gets to eat afterward. She will also eat if offered; she will never refuse a gift of food. Besides that, she explores areas unknown to her and tries to find as many ways as she can to experience various thrills and pleasures. If she's not doing anything like the above, then she sleeps.
Current Residence: The Solaris Capital, Etrenank, upper eschelons
Current Life Conflicts: Nothing seems to bother her. She deals with nothing in the past, and instead takes life as it hits her.
Other Notes: A good nickname for her might be "The Littlest Hobo".

Gear: She has no gear right now, though Mordon and Myaru have told her that they would build her one.

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