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Irina's Theme

Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Birthdate: Unknown.
Birthplace: Believed to be Zeboim.
Hair: Bronze-auburn
Eyes: Deep Hazel

Only the Bishop that found her, at the end of a tunnel underneath the Ethos Headquarters, knows the truth... and even then, it might not be the entire story.

In the past, approximately three and a half years ago, she woke, in some sort of laboratory that she cannot recall anymore. Someone dressed in white flowing robes led her from a network of hallways into a building which had an alter and a very high, domed, painted ceiling. He eventually took her outside into the open air. She wanted to stay outside, but the person with the robes tried to detain her. She ran away from him, naked and untrained in the ways of the world, desperately wanting to explore the new areas and the new lands. She never returned.

From there, she appeared in numerous places, as a wanderer. The first place she recalls was a small farming village that grew corn and wheat, and made bread. She was found, hungry and suffering from exposure, by a farmer tending his crops. He rescued her, adopted her and tried to care for her as best as he could. His wife and children were wary of her, but as she lived in their care, she proved herself quiet, but a dilligent worker. She listened to them, but never spoke a word in return; it was believed that she was mute. This girl was found to be a very effective cook, but was unable to find the patience clean the house or the stables. The farmer called her "Vanessa" after his only daughter, who died as an infant. It was here where she learned most of her basic instincts, such as the experience of being rewarded for doing hard work, self-preservation, and the concepts of hunting. She found that she loved eating, and quickly learned to use a can opener. With the farmer's sons, she would go hunting; they taught her how to shoot, and she found herself not to be too shabby at using a hunting rifle (bolt-action, in specific). She was satisfied enough with her life to not run away and explore. To help satisfy her curiousity, the farmer would take her to the port town when he would deliver grain to the harbour.

Two years went by. One of the middle-class boys, a son of a merchant from the village took a liking for "Vanessa" and began to court her. "Vanessa" found that if she was nice to him, he often returned her with favours such as chocolate and clothes that kept her warm. As time went on, she came to him one night and they made love in the pastures behind the farmhouse.

However, the village found out quickly about this, and chased "Vanessa" away, calling her a dirty whore and a fooey slut. The farmer tried to stop them, but found that the people were too relentless, so he escaped the town with her, gave her money and food, and left her in the hands of a friend outside of the town's boundaries, with the intent to visit her often, and hopefully, to clear her name.

"Vanessa" did not feel right with these people, though, and within a few days, she ran away, leaving behind the money (which was heavy anyway), but suspiciously stealing a backpack, all the jars and canned food in the pantry, and a can opener. She wandered around by herself, living on preserves and canned food until a wagon trader picked her up. For a few days, she enjoyed the pleasure of a wagon ride until they reached the port town. The trader dropped her off, unsure of what he should do with her, and disappeared.

She wandered around town alone and not knowing what to do or where to go. She was running out of canned food, but, in this industrialized city, she did not know where she could harvest grain, acquire a rifle, or pick fruit. She was caught stealing a handful of grain from one of the warehouses that housed shipping goods, and was promptly jailed for her crimes. However, the magistrate, getting an impression of innocence from the young girl, commited her to work on one of the ships rather than putting her in jail, with the belief that working would teach her more about the value of other's property.

She was assigned to work on a cargo ship, but she was found to be a very inefficient worker unless awarded with food or drink after her shift. Since she was lacking a name (for she never spoke, and carried no identification), the Captain of the cargo vessel called her "Ruby" because of her reddish hair. "Ruby" proved to be very inexpensive labour, as she worked just as hard as the others in exchange for nothing but occasional breaks, where she would take in meat, fruit and alcoholic beverages.

When the ship sailed across the ocean, it docked momentarily with the Thames, and the short stop exposed "Ruby" to her first glimpse of technology. She was found exploring the electrical and mechanical devices with the wonder of a child, and had to be wrenched away from it when it was time to leave again. From then on, she sulked and pouted and refused to work for the Captain. The only way she would do work was if she was going to be fed, but even this motive did not make her into the efficient and eager worker she once was.

The Captain eagerly dropped "Ruby" off after his voyage across the sea, giving her money and bidding her farewell. The place where she now was was a place of sandy beaches, long coastlines, but the climate was slightly cooler than where she used to be, in the south.

She kept herself alive by hunting and fishing, occasionally running into rangers and fisherman, but eventually, she came across desolate desert, and, sense of adventure overcoming her common sense, she walked in. She was rendered unconscious by the heat in a day. When she awoke, she was on a small cot; apparently, she was rescued by a dark-skinned man with black hair and a thin beard. When asked her name, she could not respond, and instead gargled some incomprehensible language. Her rescuer named her "Zeiaya" ("Zie-ay- ah") according to the syllables that she recited, even if they were random gibberish.

The place where she was now as a bright, sunny, lively place with loud noises and lots of people. She heard the exchange of people's chatters often and was utterly fascinated by the different happenings in the large city.

As with the others, the rescuer found that "Zeiaya" worked best when she was given food and shelter in return for her work. Water was an extreme gift to her and she enjoyed it a lot, as water seemed to be rare in the city. In addition, she also seemed very motivated when given simple mechanical toys that were used to entertain children, such as trucks and toy gears.

One day, when he was taking "Zeiaya" around town, she escaped his reach and sneaked into one of the Ethos Gear Repair centre. "Zeiaya", looking around casually, escaped notice of all of the repairmen and sneaked into a farm gear that was just newly repaired. She walked into the cockpit and began pressing buttons randomly. Her actions caused the gear to move enough to damage the part of the hanger's loading ramp (and its own right arm). Her rescuer, unable to pay for the damages, turned "Zeiaya" to the Ethos repairmen. The repairmen recognized her description as the girl who was lost three years ago and attempted to detain her and turn her back to the Bishop, but she broke into a fit of rage and whirled around madly, seriously injuring three of the men and dealing minor injuries to five more. The stories from the workers was that her hair turned into spikes and her arms into blades as she fought them, but no one believed them, not even the Bishop.

In her fear, she ran away from the men and sneaked aboard one of the Ethos excavation vehicles as a stowaway. She was transported to various gear excavation sites; every time she came across one, she would jump vehicles to avoid detection (swiping as much unguarded food as possible in between). Usually, she would work at night, when the others were sleeping and only one man was left to guard the entire area, or during the day's lunch break, where a tanned girl walking around in dirty clothes toward the food tent did not seem out of place.

Once, she swiped a small computer component from one of the Ethos sites: a small memory card the size of her palm. It was a green silicone wafer with two large, black chips built into it and numerous pins with sliding white pieces that could be pushed over the pins, or pulled off. She found this inside a metal crate.

In total, she went through four excavation sites and five Ethos transports. When she realised that they were all the same and that there was nothing else to do, she departed somewhere in the north, close to a thick, grassy area surrounded by mountains and forest. As she trekked, consuming the dried foods that she brought along with her, she came across another span of desert, except that this desert was much smaller than the last one she went through. Once, she even saw a big sand cruiser appear in this little stretch of desert, then disappear from sight. The concept of a diving cruiser awed her, and she was tempted to wait for it, but the mountains lulled her instead.

The mountains were filled with numerous passes that were dangerous to those who were faint of heart, but generally, it was a smooth-going path. Occasionally, it got cold, but she pulled through it stoically. Once in a while, she met up with travellers whom she hiked with for a while. The pass took five days to traverse.

On the other side, the first thing that came to her eyes was the tall, gigantic steeple that pierced the clouds. Below, there was a large valley and a lake. A town was built around the lake, which surrounded the gigantic steeple like a moat. As she came closer, she saw that the building's rooftops were all made of bronze, and that, surrounding the area, there was lush greenery, including orchirds, farmland, and forests. There was something about the area that made her feel happy inside, and she eagerly hiked toward this city of beautiful bronze rooftops, thick, green grass, and tall trees.

She stumbled inside the Cathedral and met up with a nun known as Sister Marsa, and befriended another one named Sister Amy. One day, she was outside wen she was noticed by Myaru, and Myaru deceived the sisters and brought her to Solaris.

Once in Solaris, she was being shown around Solaris by Mordon, but wandered off and nearly killed herself when she climbed into a gear during a Solaris Training Session and piloted it. However, her exceptional recovery confirmed Myaru's suspicions: Irina was certainly a nanomachine colony.


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