Lyta Anrius

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Player Information

Name/Alias Lyta
Age(Optional) 25
Sex Female
Email, or
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager hyperion5_2000(Yahoo)

Character Information

Name Lyta Anrius
Age 24
Sex Female
Occupation (s) Pilot for Shevat's Defense
Substitutes which Xenogears Character? None
Birth Date July 8, 478
Height 5'8"
Weight 115 lbs
Eye Color and shape Emerald Green and round
Build Slender and lithe
Complexion Light tan
Facial Features Slender face, thin red lips, long eyelashes, and a small sharp nose.  Two blue stripes under her right eye is her favorite trademark.
Identifying Marks Large red leathery wings, red tail. (Marks of her tampered DNA.)
Hair Color and Style Her fiery red hair is long reaching her ankles leaving it loose outside of her uniform but tying it in several places to keep it in order when in uniform.
Voice She has a soft, gentle, yet melodic and graceful voice.
Dress/Attire Her uniform which was in was repaired and cleaned by Hyperion.  Though when she wants stealth among the lambs she wears a short white t-shirt and cut jean pants, usually with no shoes or boots.
Jewelry A golden circlet and armlet.
Weapons/Tools A small dagger, and a laser rifle.
Armour None
Personality Shy and usually gentle. She holds little grudges against the Solarians. She refuses to admit defeat and struggles hard to be accepted by her people. She is also very relentless and never quits when she set her mind to a task. She hates lies and she will, at risk to her life, hunt down the truth.
Background and History Born in Solaris 1st Class but kidnapped as a baby by an unknown scientist. This person demanded ransom money but before the money arrived he had tampered with her DNA. This change was almost minuscule until her wings and tail grew. The scientist was killed during the exchange and thus the methods lost to him. Since then she has been shunned by the Solaris population. She joined the military to gain their acceptance but on a mission to Aveh an unseen attacker brought her to crash into the nearby Shevat. She was healed but held prisoner, a mysterious Shevat person tried to convince her of Solaris' wrong doings. She refused his words claiming they were lies. It wasn't until she was released and she reported to the stationed Gebler forces that she noted the unorthodox methods against Kislev. They then betrayed her and attempted to capture her. She discovered her power of manipulating machines with her mind and prevented her capture. She escaped over the desert following a voice that promised her peace. She ran far using a buggy to cross the desert. The vehicle then stopped mysteriously and fell into a sink hole. She discovered a mysterious vessel in the cavern and due to a broken leg went to the small damaged craft. The craft responded to her presence and in it's limited way took care of her. After awhile she healed and went in search for parts for her new 'friend'.  She repaired the vessel and left the cavern in search for answers but a different destiny began to form before her.  She was attacked suddenly in an attempt to capture her and the Hyperion, but Shevat came to her aid.  Once there she was convinced that something rotten was in the country of Solaris and sided with the aerial city.  Queen Cyrene had then sent her to Bledavik to oversee the tourney there.  She took a job as a night time singer and entertained at night while the Tourney entertained at day.  Eventually however she was captured by Gebler.  After a well laid plan of escape a Diablos ship appeared over Bledavik and tried to destroy it, also a set of Gears were sent to Shevat.  Unwilling to leave Shevat defenselss she took the Hyperion and destroyed the offenders at a sever loss to her own strength and damage to the Hyperion.  Lyta knew then that she had to listen to her inner voice and find the Phoenix Star so she could better defend Shevat.
Birthplace Eterank, Solaris, First Class Section.
Mother Serise Anrius
Father Cruillian Anrius
Siblings None
Mate None Yet
Children None
Other Relations Crand Thrust
Affiliation Shevat (Currently)
Secondary Skills None of note.
Abilities/Disabilities Her Ether Powers are rudimentary in attack and defense but she can use it heal.  Also she can use her power to communicate with electronic devices.  This latter ability is danger to her as it new and she no defense against anti-hacking programs, save for raw Ether Power.  With her wings and a good breeze she can glide a good distance.  The higher she is the better chance she has at gliding.  She also can pilot most Solarian Gears.

Her Ether power recently has begun to change along with her DNA.  During these changes she gets really hot and expends heavy amounts of Ether, exhausting her greatly. 
She is also incapable of fighting hand to hand, her small size, though fast and maneuverable, one good hit will knock her unconscious.  However when forced with this option she relies on kicks and her knife.  She prefers her rifle to close combat.

Hobbies Singing.  Singe the pleasing discovery of her singing voice she has been refining and tuning it just in case she needs to sing for a group once more
Current Residence Hyperion
Current Life Conflict Since her quest for Truth has dredged up disturbing information she and Shevat's current perilous position she has decided to go on a quest to find the Phoenix Star, something she hopes will help her and Hyperion defend Shevat against her enemies.
Deathblows Spinning Slash- A back flip kick with a leg sweep.
Other Notes Despite the coldness of Solaris' people she wants acceptance. This has caused a strong link with Hyperion. The vessel is quick to respond to her needs. Hyperion was designed long ago during the Zebiom Rule. It's design is still unknown and Lyta is continually finding new things about it.

Gear Information

Gear Name Hyperion
Gear Model Hyperion-1C
Height 60 feet high
Weight 30 Tons
Gear Description More Aerial Craft than Gear, she is sleek and streamlined.  She is blue in color and tear drop shaped.  Two curved fins streak from the back section.  It has no landing gear of any type and can hover in the air using Anti-gravity units.  Due to a recent repair the twin engines are now a single multi-thrust engine system based on the older Zebiom Steady thrust engines.
Class Light Attack/Ether Attack 
Primary Function What Lyta and Shevat can tell it is mainly for quick attacks and recon missions, however there are suspicions that it was designed for something else in mind.
Weapon (s) Twin Particle beams Cannons in the nose section (Slice and normal Modes), Aerods, and a limited supply of IR Missiles (20 Remaining)
Ability/Disability It amplifies ETHER capabilities and has some strong aerial defense. She has the advantage of altitude almost reaching the outer atmosphere. She also can cross the gates that keep people out of Solaris and Shevat but at a high cost to her small reactor, usually preventing her beams and missiles from acting for a time.  Because she is totally designed for aerial combat she cannot attack physically unless she rams herself into the opponent.
How was Gear Acquired Sensing Lyta's strife it called out to her leading her to the cavern under the desert.

Technical Data on the Hyperion!

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