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Cyrene, by Amber Michelle

Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale


Player Information

Name or Alias: Amber Michelle
Age (optional): 18
Sex: female
E-mail address: myaru@earthlink.net
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager/etc. (if applicable): 16749151

Character Information

-Name: Cyrene (Queen Cyrene)
-Age: 518
-Sex: female

-Occupation(s): Current ruler of Shevat

-Substitutes which Xenogears Character? (if applicable): Zephyr

-Birthdate: The first day of the year.
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 105
-Eyes (colour and shape): blue green, normal shape.
-Build: petite
-Complexion: pale
-Facial Features: Doll-like features, seemingly cold as porcelain at times.
-Identifying Marks: none
-Hair (colour and style): dark auburn, pulled back in a braided bun at the back of her head.
-Voice: soprano, very light and soft.

-Dress/Attire: She wears the traditional royal robes of Shevat - A high-necked, plain white dress with green scrolling around the collar, a deep red robe with the symbol of Shevat emblazoned on the back, and a pin of the same symbol holding it around her shoulders.
-Jewelry (if any): tiny, dangling gold earrings.
-Weapons/Tools (if any): Partisan (medium length spear/staff)
-Armour (if any): none

-Personality: Cyrene seems very fragile on the outside, but she is as hard as steel inside. After watching the world fall to Solaris for 500 years, she has little emotion left, and only displays regret and sadness to the outside world.

-Background and History: Cyrene is a native of Shevat, and originally served as an aide to the former queen during her girlhood. She proved herself courageous in the battles and insurrections that took place before the war with Solaris, and she was chosen as the Queen's successor (on terms of valor, etc.). By the time Nisan rose, she was ruling Shevat, and she was involved in making the deal that would give Sophia to Solaris and split the world between the two aerial cities. After Sophia destroyed the Solarian flagship and ended the war, Cyrene returned to Shevat. She kept the city aloft and did not involve herself in the Daemon Wars, although she offered safe haven to the wounded and those on the run. Once that war ended, Shevat's never-ending campaign against Solaris begun, always ending in a stalemate, until she finally decided on a policy of peace and non- interference while she gathered her forces.

-Birthplace: Shevat

-Mother: Sarah
-Father: unknown
-Siblings: none
-Mate: none
-Children: none
-Other relations: an adopted 'son' named Will, possibly the ministers of Shevat.

-Secondary Skills: combat gear operation, ether skills, information gathering.
-Abilities/Disabilities: Cyrene is not very strong, but her ability to effectively combine physical and ether combat makes up for that physical weakness.
-Hobbies: reading, instrumentals (she favors string instruments).

-Current residence: Shevat Palace
-Current Life Conflicts: Deciding how to deal with the never-ending war between Solaris and the surface, and her own city.

-Other notes: Cyrene rules Shevat shrewdly and effectively. Although she does seem cold, she has the loyalty of her people behind her -- she is not just a figurehead ruler. She has also blocked memories of her past away, and only experiences their pain in her dreams.
-Gear name: Shelsee
-Gear description: Deep blue, outfitted with the most advanced equipment, leaning toward defense and evasion. This gear is small, slender, and agile.

-Class: Light attack gear
-Primary function: defense and Ether magnification

-Weapon(s): Oceadana (medium-heavy spear, gear sized. It is used as both a spear and a staff, and channels certain ether spells for greater effectiveness. It is the legendary weapon of Shevat's rulers.)
-Abilities/Disabilities: low attack power, high synchronization rate and ether magnification.

-How your character acquired the gear: Cyrene had the Ministers of Shevat design and build the gear for her before the war between Solaris and Nisan truly started, 500 years ago.

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