Surius Atrini

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Player Information

Name/Alias Lyta
Age(Optional) 25
Sex Female
Email, or
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager hyperion5_2000(Yahoo)

Character Information

Name Surius Atrini
Age 35
Sex Male
Occupation (s) Head of Ethos
Substitutes which Xenogears Character? Head of Ethos
Birth Date V-463, December 8
Height 5'9"
Weight 200 lbs
Eye Color and shape Dark blue almost black, almond shaped.
Build Quite muscular.  He maintains his body well.
Complexion Light Tan
Facial Features Sharp features, he has a wide mouth and a flat nose due to a fight when he was younger.
Identifying Marks A few scars from fights but nothing else.
Hair Color and Style Jet black with a streak of white going from his right temple to the left nape.
Voice Deep and powerful.
Dress/Attire Wears the robes of the Ethos in colors of white, blue, and purple.
Jewelry None
Weapons/Tools A golden staff /w a small laser inside the top.
Armour None
Personality He shows himself to the public as a kind and warm person but alone he is cruel.  The young women that comes to the Ethos he takes as personal pleasure slaves.  He is a constant and convincing liar, a prerequisite to being a leader of the Ethos.  He hides the truth from everyone and he trust no one.  He also as aspiration to being Ruler of something far grander than a sub organization of Solaris.
Background and History He was born in Blevadik to a merchant.  He never knew his mother nor did he care.  He even cared less for his abusive father.  When he grew old enough he killed his father and took over his pathetic stall.  During an expedition to Aveh Solaris took note of his skills at conning his customers.  At the time the old Ethos Ruler was 'in major trouble' with the Gazel Ministry, so they decided that this young man should take his place.  Once at the Ethos he quickly ran up the ranks and eventually to the surprise of the other Etones became Leader of the Ethos.  Once instated he began to do his usual work, lying and hiding things, even people.  When one of his digs revealed something beyond comprehension he decided to close it down quickly and told Solaris that there was nothing.  Since then he has been trying to get someway to grab the 'goodies' that lies in that 'dead' dig.
Birthplace Bledavik
Mother Unknown
Father Dreston Atrini (Dead)
Siblings None
Mate Serveral unmarried girls
Children None
Other Relations None
Affiliation Ethos/Solaris
Secondary Skills Other than Lying and Conning he knows the drugs that weaken the will of others.
Abilities/Disabilities His Ether skills are limited only to Support Ether.
Hobbies Stealing
Current Residence Ethos HQ
Current Life Conflict Hiding the ruins of the ancients.  Trying to hide as well the loss of a plan he instated in the year of 478.  The death of the scientist was very disturbing. Running far from Bledavik
Deathblows None
Other Notes None

Gear Information

Gear Name Etin
Gear Model S1A-Ethos
Height 22 Sharls
Weight 25 Karns
Gear Description Just like the Etone's Gears but with high Ether Attack and Defense properties.
Class Ether Attack
Primary Function Escape and Survival.
Weapon (s) Rod
Ability/Disability Slice Disk ETHER- A disk of Ether Proportions flies out to slice into things.

Shield ETHER-  Protects against most attacks.

How was Gear Acquired Built specifically for him.

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