Sheriden Canstor

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Player Information

Name/Alias Lyta
Age(Optional) 25
Sex Female
Email, or
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager hyperion5_2000(Yahoo)

Character Information

Name Sheriden Canstor
Age 20
Sex Male
Occupation (s) Shevat Defense Force
Substitutes which Xenogears Character? None
Birth Date October 8, V-478
Height 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs.
Eye Color and shape Round and Brown
Build Slender almost feminine in shape with well toned muscles.
Complexion Dark Tan
Facial Features He was a smooth face with sharp angles, thin lips.
Identifying Marks A little blue star marks the left side of his cheek under the eye.
Hair Color and Style Short Black with a bright red streak running through it.
Voice A melodic and gentle baritone
Dress/Attire Forest green cloak and cowl.  His boots are black and always shiny.
Jewelry None
Weapons/Tools Chakram and a laser rifle.
Armour A lightweight set of armor to maintain his speed.
Personality He is rather defensive and conscious about his looks.  Who wouldn't if you're always mistaken for a young woman.  His skills with both gun and sword has earned him respect but he is most the time uncaring of respect as much as he is a dreamer.  He is shy and shuns relationships entirely.  He hates the strong bullying the weak and will go to the aide of anyone needing it or not.  He is rash on top that and usually will get into trouble.
Background and History His parents were murdered, by a mysterious shadow one night when he was little.  Strangely enough he was left unharmed, perhaps because he was hiding under the bed at the time in a different part of the room.  Since then he has been training hard so that one day if he does meet this shadow he can fight it with confidence.  His training though is broken each day by his willingness to dream.  He holds these dreams in secret never telling someone else of them until he knows that they can be apart of them.  He wants to so bad to break from the monotony of every day where Solaris's dark shadow covers the world and join a place where he will be useful.  He's been hard pressed in many things save his training because of his physique and he resents it usually snapping out in burst of anger.
Birthplace Shevat
Mother Helen Canstor (Deceased)
Father Brill Canstor (Deceased)
Siblings None
Mate None Yet
Children None
Other Relations None
Affiliation Shevat Defense.
Secondary Skills His singing voice seems to have a calming effect on people.
Abilities/Disabilities He has Ether in the Water Element.  All of them weak.  He was told one day that his power would be needed.

He has a short fuse and will aide anyone who is getting beaten by bullies.

Hobbies Daydreaming
Current Residence Shevat
Current Life Conflict Following the dying wish of a friend.
Deathblows None yet
Other Notes On the day of his birth a young woman in dark clothes appeared before the parents of the new child and told them that the boy's voice would save a young woman of Solaris.

Gear Information

Gear Name Saber Lance
Gear Model SL-Defender 5671-G
Height 15 Sharls
Weight 14 Karns
Gear Description Slender, gray in color, Your common every day Shevat recon gear.
Class Recon/Ether attack.
Primary Function Recon.
Weapon (s) A sword and a Gear sized Chakram.
Ability/Disability Weak Armor yet Quick agility.
How was Gear Acquired Given to him by the Shevat Defense Force.

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