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Athena's Theme - The Person: "Who Am I, Really?"
Athena's Theme - The Captain: "My Victory Is Also Yours"
Athena's Theme - The Warrior: "Rain of Fire"
Athena's Theme - The Defender: "Fight It Out"

About Athena
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Birthdate: August 23, V-480.
Birthplace: Covens, a seaside village
Hair: Long, auburn hair
Eyes: Blue

Player Information
Name/Alias: Arcana
Sex: Male

Character Information
Name: Athena Elaine Belford. Her friends call her Elly, but everyone else refers to her either as Athena (as named after the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom), or as Captain Belford.
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: August 23, V-480
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 149 lbs.

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Eyes: Round, gem-blue eyes that seem to portray sadness. Despite her eyes being large, they have a narrow, tilted look that make them very distinct from her peers. Her eyes are usually full of expression, but the emotions portrayed within seem to border on melancholy and depression. Much of the time, the eyes appear clouded over, as if she was crying.
Hair: Athena has long, auburn hair that falls to her waist. She has long bangs that she keeps back with a hairband, and often, she straps her hair up in a bun. Only in the most casual of moments will she let her hair drift freely. Those who see her hair are often in awe of how it is so soft, smooth, silky, and full of body. In fact, Athena is actually very proud of her hair (although she rarely lets the fact show) and she tends to it every day, brushing and washing it to make sure that it maintains its good, healthy condition.
Build: Athena has a small frame, but from years of hard work and exercise, her upper body and her legs are well-built and defined. Her thighs are shapely and narrow, her hips are wide, and her arms are accented by her developed biceps and triceps. Much of her body mass is muscle. She has a flat stomach and a traditional hourglass figure. Her movements are graceful, but they boast strength and power more than lithe beauty. Generally, Athena looks very healthy and is in good shape.
Complexion: Pale. Although her cheeks are rosy, the rest of her looks light and pale. She burns more easily than she tans, and tends to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Her complexion is clear and generally free of flaws, although she sometimes suffers from dry skin in bad weather.
Facial Features: Her eyebrows are light and narrow, framing her eyes gracefully. She also has a small upturned nose that curves up just enough to give it a slender, feminine look. Her features are very even and natural.
Identifying Marks: Nothing extraordinary in terms of physical features.
Voice: Her voice is soft, but can be loud and assertive when necessary. It is in the range between low soprano and high alto. She speaks with a slight accent that is reminiscent of a British accent, which is a constant reminder to those around her that she is, in fact, not a native of Kislev. Her voice can be bitter and sharp at times, especially when she addresses those under her command.

Dress and Attire: Athena is usually seen in a Strike Captain's bluish- black, body-hugging uniform. The uniform consists of a skin- tight body suit, a bulletproof west, then an outer shell of pants and shirt. On the shoulder pockets, she keeps two grenades, while on her belt she always keeps a combat knife and a 9mm pistol along with two clips of extra ammunition. The entire uniform gives a rather dark intimidating look to the wearer. She wears black combat boots that are always kept clean and polished.

In casual times, Athena will wear simple casual attire, like jeans or cordoroys, and tank-tops or tee-shirts.

Jewelry: She wears no earrings (in fact, she has no piercings at all) and wears only a small pearl on a golden chain that is tight around her neck. She does not wear this in combat, and instead moves it to one of her pockets when she fights.
Weapons and Tools: Two grenades on the shoulders, a combat knife, a utility belt knife, a 9mm pistol, and two ammunition clips. She keeps small needles in various places in her uniform that are minute enough to escape most regular metal detectors so, if she is ever disarmed of her conventional weapons, she still has a chance of defending herself or escaping. For example, she has three needles on the cuffs of her sleeves, many on her pants, two underneath her collar, and four in various places around her belt.

The boots she wears are also equipped with removable heels. In one boot, she keeps a syringe of morphine, and in the other, she has a small Swiss Army Knife that is the size of her finger.

Armour: The cat-suit of her standard military uniform draws sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping her warm longer than conventional clothes. She also wears the bulletproof vest on the chest that will protect against most small firearms.

Athena is a rather quiet person who will not speak unless addressed first in casual times. However, when it comes to work, Athena seems to turn into a totally different person. She is aggressive, strong, hotheaded, and alert. In work situations, and especially in combat, she is willing to state her opinion on something and is prepared to argue her point. She is actually a very good public speaker because she has such a loud, clear voice. She is rather tomboyish and is a rough-houser when it comes to someone challenging her on the job.
In intense situations dealing with her war, she takes her position very seriously and always tries to show an example to her men. She believes in cooperation and teamwork on the field and will not hesitate to dismiss anyone in her unit if they do not wish to agree. However, she is not so arrogant that she will refuse to listen to other suggestions. However, once a plan is set and positions are assigned, she expects everyone to follow the outlined plan.
Her skills in combat are very good, and she will not hesitate to lash out at anyone who proves themselves to be an enemy. She refuses to strike at unknown opponents without confirming that they are enemies first. She will not mindlessly obey orders just because they are given to her; she has to find a reason to fight. Usually, this reason is to defend national pride or another similar goal. Although this is a weak reason, Athena deems this to be good enough until she can find a better reason to fight, or, consequently, to not fight.

She is very loyal to the few friends that she does make, though. However, she does not feel as much loyalty to her friends as she does to her job, and would have the potential to sacrifice her friends to attain the "greater good". However, when she can, she tries to avoid making a choice between her work and her friends. She dislikes hurting those she personally knows and tends to run away from intense personal situations. While at work she is aggressive and assertive, but at the personal level, Athena seems to always be troubled by the events of her personal life.
Deep down inside, she thinks of her life as unfulfilled and unsatisfactory: that something is missing from in her heart. She looks at her job as the thing that is most precious to her. She works diligently as a way to "run away from reality", to seek a refuge from the world she refuses to see: her own mind.

Read Athena's Background and History

Birthplace: The Seaside Village of Covens (or so she is told).

Mother: Vanessa Elizabeth Belford/Elsbur. However, Athena always believed that she was adopted.
Father: Benjamin Jonathan Belford.
  • Johann Williams Belford, age twenty. He is an autistic child, and when Athena last saw him, he was doing well.
  • Mary-Anne Belford, age sixteen, a young ladylike sister.
  • Amanda Jessica Belford, age fifteen. Athena always thought of her as a little snot who went out of her way to bug her about how she was not her real sister.

    Athena, though, always wished she had an older sister, instead of the little brats that she had to grow up around for years.

  • Mate: None.
    Children: None.
    Other relations: Her three best friends, two of which are a part of her Strike Team, and the rest of her strike team. She also has much respect for her C.O.

  • Jason is the piot of Argo, the Anti-Aircraft gear. He is the oldest of the group.
  • Cassandra Lee is the pilot of Oracle, a light gear. She is a bright assertive figure who loves to talk.
  • Also part of her strike force are Bellerophon, Odinnson, and Brynhild.

  • Occupation: Kislev 2nd Gear Strike Commander. The 2nd Strike Team she is a part of consists of a total of seven gears: a reconnaissance gear, two light gears, a medium gear, an anti- aircraft gear, an assault gear, and her own heavy gear. This mixed unit does various operations, ranging from raiding Ethos Excavation sites held by Aveh to scouting terrain to Search- and-Destroy missions.
    Rank: Strike Captain
    Secondary Skills: Athena, in addition to being a good infantry soldier, is an excellent gear pilot. She is able to pilot all range of gears, from her artillery weapon, Black Widow, to the bipedal gears that are often seen on the battlefield. However, more superior than her piloting skill is her gunnery skill; her ability with aiming large weapons is amazing. She is also good at arguing her point. She can also cook, but dislikes doing so as it reminds her of her childhood life.
    Abilities and Disabilities: Athena can really get into her job and it is sometimes difficult to make her get in touch with everything else. In addition, once she has set her mind into focus, there is little that anyone else can do to change it. Athena does have unique Ether Powers, but she does not use them often and as a result, her abilities with Ether are about average.

    Microwave: Athena emits a pulse that disables all electronic circuitry for a limited amount of time.

    Magnetic Field: Athena sends forth a wave that makes metallic objects too heavy to use properly. This can also cause buildings to collapse if she amplifies her Ether Power using her Gear.

    Capacitor: A bolt of electricity heads toward the nearest negatively-charged source. This ability is rather dangerous to use; once, Athena once fried a power generator using this.

    Hobbies: Researching electrostatics and magnetism, thinking, writing poetry. To her, her job itself is a hobby.
    Current Residence: Nortune, Kislev Strike Team Barracks. In peacetime, she usually rents out a place with Kimberly.
    Current Life Conflicts: The war with Aveh and her inner turmoil that seems to plague her mind when she is not working.
    Other Notes: Athena has her own command-gear, Black Widow, but she does not object to piloting other gears if the situation calls for it. She will usually pilot other Arachnid-class gears if she has the option, but is also capable of using two-legged gears to good efficiency. In general, Athena prefers heavy and assault gears over lighter gears.

    Information on Athena's Gear

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