Mina Rhinehart

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Player Information

Name/Alias Lyta
Age(Optional) 25
Sex Female
Email lyta@netzero.net, or hyperion5_2000@yahoo.com
ICQ/AIM/Yahoo! Pager hyperion5_2000(Yahoo)

Character Information

Name Mina 'Diamond' Rhinehart
Age 22
Sex Female
Occupation (s) Solaris Gear Pilot
Substitutes which Xenogears Character? None
Birth Date July 3, V-476
Height 5'9"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eye Color and shape Sapphire Blue, Large and Round.
Build Slender and Lithe.
Complexion Tan
Facial Features Full lips, with thin eyebrows, sharp lines. 
Identifying Marks A strange blue star is imprinted on her right shoulder, a possible mark of the female side of her family. 
Hair Color and Style Wavy ash blonde hair that reaches the small of her back.  A blue headband encircles her forehead. 
Voice Musical with a unique accent.
Dress/Attire The normal Solarian Uniform, with red lines instead of black.  When not on duty she wears a light blue yet cool outfit, consisting of fine material shorts and shirt.
Jewelry A set of earrings.
Weapons/Tools A stun rod and a laspistol.
Armour Her uniform is modified to absorb electrical attacks, and softens physical blows to her body. 
Personality She is the exception to the Gazel mentality.  When she was a child she spoke out against the unfairness to the second and third classes.  She was so outspoken that her parents had to keep her secluded till she stopped.  She is relentless and will bug people till she gets what she wants.  In this she is a little spoiled.  She knows that her Ether ability is stronger than most and she trained hard to make it outstanding.  She hates mistreatment and though squelched earlier she dreams of making changes to Solaris.  She also despises rebels, its one thing to be mistreated but to disappear and come back with a threat to her plans is another.  She will capture to return traitors to Solaris and only kills if it is the only way.  She feels though that despite her hard work that there is something far greater in her life. 
Background and History Her parents are quick to stop her from getting the wrong attention from the Gazel Ministry.  So when she was little she was restrained at home and trained in more stealthier ways, unofficially.  Official to others, Mina was being disciplined until she saw the light.  The light came quickly than anticipated, when she was old enough she proved her loyalty and joined the military.  She quickly raised in the ranks and became an exceptional Gear Pilot.  She had proved many times her worth to Solaris.  She also befriended a man named Reijin, who she seemed really drawn to.  He seemed to keep her away but she maintained her persistency and eventually gained his trust.  For three years they stayed strong and true and eventually she began to feel the touches of love.  She was sure it had been there all this time but now she was certain.  Then he was suddenly called off on a mission to the surface.  She found the letter explaining his love for him after he was gone.  She wished terribly that she had told him and now he was gone.  With the trouble growing in Solaris and her impending mission to recover  Lyta she struggled with worry.  She wasn't sure how'd she react if she ever got word that he was killed but she was sure that no one would keep her from avenging him.
Birthplace Solaris
Mother Janice Rhinehart
Father Xavier Rhinehart
Siblings None
Mate No One Yet
Children None
Other Relations Reijin Katami
Affiliation Solaris
Secondary Skills None
Abilities/Disabilities Her power is strong, she can use it to form a shield to stop anything (Virtually) or make a beam to destroy anything virtually, as well and create rings of energy to trap and pin those she wants to capture. 

Her Power however she can use only once or twice in a day, because of it's draining effects.

Hobbies Composing Music, Playing musical instruments.
Current Residence Solaris
Current Life Conflict Other than waiting for the winds of change to flow through Solaris she has grown terribly worried for Reijin.
Deathblows None
Other Notes None

Gear Information

Gear Name Starburst
Gear Model Star-4561A
Height 15 Sharls
Weight 18 Karns
Gear Description Much like Vierge in design, with red instead of purple.  The thing that hangs from the head is more fanned out. 
Class Ether Attack/support
Primary Function Battle Support.
Weapon (s) Rods, and a laser inset in the palm of the left hand. 
Ability/Disability Light and quick, it has Aerod support, and an ether attack much like that of EMP.  It has low armor, and a small fuel tank.  Quiet easy to pin with physical attacks, but less like to overheat than other gears. 
How was Gear Acquired Given to her by the Military to amplify her abilites on the surface. 

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