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This is the song list from the Xenogears Original Soundtrack. If I have the MIDI file, then the word will be highlighted green and you can assess it with a Javascript Pop-up. However, since Tripod is weird, you might have to click a couple times before it turns up. (Also, a few of the tracks have many seconds of silence, so you'll have to be patient).

In addition, the parentheses '()' mean the "common" name that might be given to the track.

I acquired these files anonymously and I have no idea who tracked them. If you find that one of these MIDI files is yours, please E-mail me.

If you need a MIDI Plug-In (or a BETTER MIDI plug in!) I recommend Yamaha XG. If you have an older soundcard, you can also download the synthesizer to make your MIDI's sound a lot better!


The Xenogears Original Soundtrack

Original composition: Yasunori Mitsuda

Sound Design: Tomohiro Yajima

Disc One 73:23 Disc Two 71:48
1. Light from the Netherworlds
(Intro movie)
1. Ship of Regret and Sleep
(The Harpsichords)
2. Stars of Tears (outtake)
(Vocals for Emotions)
2. The Jaws of Ice
3. Bonds of Sea and Fire
(Sad Yggdrasil theme)
3.Knight of Fire
(Boss Music)
4. My Village is Number One
(Lahan Town)
4. June Mermaid
-Version 2-

(Emeralda's Theme)
5. The Valley where Wind is Born
(Played in Citan's house: his theme)
5. Shebat: The Wind is Calling
(Shevat Theme)
6. Distant Promise
-Version 2-

-Version 3-

(Main theme; music box)
6. The Sky, the Clouds, and You
(Chu-Chu's Theme)
7. Steel Giant
(Robot Battle)
7. Gathering Stars in the Night Sky
(Maria's Sad Theme)
8. Forest of the Black Moon
8. Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People
(Depressing Song)
9. Shattering Egg of Dreams
(Sad Elly Theme)
9. Flight
-Version 2-

(Maria's Heroic Theme)
10. Back to Sleep
(Short Inn Music)
10. Wings
(Yggdrasil Flight Music)
11. Daijiru: City of Burning Sands
(Dazil Town Music)
11. Solaris: Eden of Heaven
(Solaris Town Theme)
12. Emotions
-Version 2-

(Main Overworld Theme)
12. Back to Sleep
(Long Inn Music)
13. Grahf, Emperor of Darkness
(Grahf's Theme)
13. The One who is Torn Apart
(Mysterious Soul-Searching Theme)
14. Fuse
14. Pray for the People's Joy
(Church Theme (no choir))
15. Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong
(Military Yggdrasil Theme)
15. Omen
(Last Dungeon)
16. The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
(Elly's Theme)
16. Awakening
(Final Boss Theme)
17. Aveh, the Ancient Dance
(Bledavik Town Theme)
17. One who Bares Fangs at God
(The Final Final Boss Theme)
18. Invasion
(Sneaking Around)
18. The Beginning and the End
(End Movie)
19. Stage of Death
19. Small Two of Pieces - Restored Pieces
(Vocals; Credits Song)
20. In a Dark Sleep
21. Singing of the Gentle Wind
(Docile Elly's Theme)
22. The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light
(Church Theme (choir))
23. Lost... Broken Shards
-Version 2-

-Version 3-

(Really Sad Elly's Theme)
24. Tamusu, the Man of the Sea
(The Thames)
25. The Blue Traveler
(Yggrasil on the Ocean)

Creid (Xenogears Arranged Soundtrack)

Original composition: Yasunori Mitsuda

Arrangement: Yasunori Mitsuda

Conducting: Yoko Ueno, others

Performance: Testuko Honma, others

One Disc, 49:09
2. Two Wings
(Dynamic "A Bond of Sea and Fire")
("The Wounded Shall Advance Into The Light")
("Daijiru: The City of Burning Sands")
6. Stairs of Light
(Vocals: Chu-Chu's Theme)
7. June Mermaid
("June Mermaid")
8. Spring Lulluby
("Stars of Tears")
("My Village is Number One")
("Small Two Pieces - Restored Pieces")

Download all of the MIDI files found on this Page (184 KB)

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