Wild Women of the Inner Circle

[Karen's Nest] A wonderful place to take yourself and your cat (if you have one!) ... Karen's cat Seki has a page just for feline visitors.. NO humans allowed in there! *grin*

[Rozzy's Simply Complicated] A place to learn all about Simple Living and Co-dependency. Rozzy, also known as Kathy *smile* is constantly renovating this page with wonderful new recipes too!

[Mary Ward] Mary is a VERY special and unique member of our *family*. She is legally blind, but her "vision" is clearer than many with "sight". Thanks to Mary, we in the Inner Circle are becoming much more aware of the need to make our pages "speech-friendly", as well as Lynx friendly. Mary's page is filled with links to resources for others who don't have the use of their eyes.

[Toni's Angel Page] After her own experience of an early end to her pregnancy, Toni devoted this page to issues about problem pregnancies. Along with some beautiful poetry and pictures.

[Morcael's KRYSTAL Gallery] An incredible place to visit! Deb is a brilliant artist and poetess! Plus, she has a fantastic link to Gemstones that tells all about their healing powers! Don't miss this!

[Starsong] Affectionately known as KK, to keep her and "the other Kim" straight in our minds! :)
KK has some wonderful links .. stop in to check her Astral Projection link!

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