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Wild Women of the Web!

If you look deep within, you will find the Wild Woman inside YOU. The "Woman Within" ... the secret one... the Wild Spirit within all of us, if we can just set her free!

This page has been a vague outline in my mind for quite some time, trying to make it express perfectly what I thought would be a "contribution" to women's needs on the WWW. Finally, I have enough for a start at least! Thanks to my dear friends in the [Inner_Circle]

Having struggled for several years now to understand who and what "I" am .. my journey brought me to a book entitled "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD. As I read this book, my Spirit leaped within me: dancing with Joy !! Feeling that FINALLY I had found a new piece in this puzzle of discovery!

The journey has been filled with teachers in the most unlikely guises: kindred spirits that I met here in cyberspace [Darkrose_] A self professed "pagan", she is one of the wisest women I have ever met! And [Vicki] who was there for me when it seemed my world was crumbling, and was my co-founder in getting the Inner Circle up and running! The group has grown considerably in the last year, as we find more and more people who have the same goals as we do: To discover the love of "SELF" and to grow in Spirit.

Please enjoy your stay, and browse these other pages that are also oriented to women on the Net, and their needs.

With complete faith in the abundance of the Universe, I know that I will find all that I seek in my life.

That Abundance has now manifested itself in helping me to start my own business! If you are looking for the perfect job, or if you are a business seeking the perfect candidate, come to [Recruit_To_Hire_The_Best!]

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