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Welcome to the page of my dearest and best friends in the world!! Perhaps some background on how we got together is appropriate here!! Have you ever been in despair? Believing yourself to be all alone except for your lifeline to the Internet? Well, that is where I was a few years ago. In my quest for mail, I joined a self-help-self-esteem group where I met [Vicki]. who is one of my karmic sisters now! We started a small group of our own with some friends from the other group who were not happy there and have remained a close-knit family with some newcomers joining us as time goes on. (The flag header here is to represent the "international" make-up of our group!)

As each of us continue to explore the abundance of the universe, we focus on practicing [Daily_Affirmations] Your dreams can come true!! Just look outside and see my [Dream car] and [Kim_& her GREEN truck] as proof! *smile*


The music you hear playing is Wind Beneath My Wings, which Bette Midler sang in the movie "Beaches", a story about two friends.

The small vigil candle by Toni Bachman's name is a link to a site devoted to stopping Violence against Women. As Toni has been missing since April 25, 1997, I felt this was a fitting tribute to her. If you click on her name it will take you to her bio; you can get to the page that KK made where all updates are kept on the progress of the investigation into Toni's disappearance.

[] [Greeting Cards] for all those special occasions!

Welcome to the Inner Circle
[Toni aka TickAngel] - MN [vigil candle]
[Kurt] - Canada [Jeanne] - VA
[A circle of flowers]
[Holly aka Songharp]
[Kim K aka Starsong] - CO
[Richard] - Germany
[James] - Canada
[Queen] - AZ
Carmela - Saipan
Misty - AL
[Carol Ann Sharp] - TX
[Inner Circle Recipes and Crafts]

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