In a strange and very.. unusual twist of fate, I stumbled across the Pocket Bishonen site via a mailing list. Testing my limited knowledge, I managed to 'capture' the following. While this may seem like it has no relevence to Minako, don't you think she would indulge in a little bishonen fun too? *grins*

I caught Gambit! ..when did he get to be a bishounen?

I caught Angel! ..but not archangel. sniffle.. oh warren

I caught Marron.. Mmm.. boy, did I ever. my first! ..heh

I caught Gourry!

I caught Vincent Valentine! Yay!

I caught Helios! Someone keep Chibiusa away!

I caught Touga... Wow. *sarcasm*

I caught Miki! Isn't he cute? *gush*

I caught Saionji. Wow..


I'm a Bishonen Trainer! Catch them all.. mmm

Mmm.. Bishonen. Yummy!
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