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MISC Stuff

Here's the stuff I didn't know where to put anywhere else, or wasn't really big enough to have a section to it or anything.

` Past Layouts
` Webpage Help
` Others
` Friendship
` Evil!
` Find the relevance of October 22
` Information on Venus and Aphrodite
` m&m
` Rei of Sunshine
` Twin Hearts
` Love or Hate her, Minako is always memorable
` Find out various meanings of her name, or artemis'
` One of my funnier.. pages, I think. ^_~
` Not your ordinary jukebox (hint, no midis)
` Fan Art
` Wanna see what I like and dislike about pages?
` See the spiffy captured Bishounen. Yum!
` Awards I've been given ^^
` Updates

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