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past layout goodness

And now a look back at the past layouts of Lov. I don't have the original layouts anymore tho. ;_; Should I find them, I'll add them here. And I like archived thingies of people's pages, so nyah! See the evolution! [hover your mouse over the pictures to read about the pictures]

november/december..cute, no? i made this one while going through a happy holiday phase. the phase passed quickly.. the layout did not

january-march or so, I got semi depressed. So I took it out on Minako.. as Sailor V! anyway, I loved this layout and actually got quite a few comments on it

march-may, i missed mah chiquita, so I used Rei in the layout as well. Damned spring taking over the winter wonderland

may/june.. and oh so chipper. It's grating on my nerves now, but it _has_ gotten quite a few compliments. ^^

June/July. A post card to my visitors was up prior/and along with this announcing my birthday. I fell for this image hard, and didn't look back until I had to.

Fall 2000- I rather liked this layout. I'd been wanting to use a picture from this particular volume of manga ever since I scanned the pics in for Jess.  I liked the different colors that flowed into each other on Minako and Rei... Plus I think this is a beautiful picture.  Too bad it got bumped off for the winter selection. ^^

Winter-Spring 2000/2001- The layout that most people were probably horribly sick of after awhile.  I think I got the MOST compliments for this particular layout, ever. It even beat the very white, very orange spring spread... Wowza.  It had to last from Christmas to June because I had no internet connection during those months. I think it kept the place nice though. I think this is my favorite layout.

This was the layout for my semi triumphant return to normal updates. It lasted all summer, and right up til Fall of 2001. Isn't it cute?  It was awfully white though.  Very unusual for me, actually. Enjoy!

Autumn 2001-Holiday 2001: Ahhh, Halloween. What a great Holiday. Of course, this lasted until Christmas time, which is a bit much, but I'm a lazy layout maker.. or I'm obsessive. You never know.  I thought this was cutesy, in fact, I really like this one. It's not my favorite, but it IS my first Halloween layout. ^^

Christmas 2001:  The shortest layout thus far. I'm sure I'll use this evil picture again, but I *finally* figured out how to get the golden lady layout to work. It took forever for me to edit that picture to near perfection.  Anyway, this layout represented the naughty year. ^_~  I rarely do cheerful winter layouts, do I?

New Year 2002 - I'd been working on this golden layout for months, but it never seemed the right time to use it until I finally said 'screw it!' and made a new layout for the New Year.  I knew at the time that I wouldn't be doing much other than making a new layout, but I think this is a nice one to look at, and it enchanted me ever so much.  It lasted until March '02

Wow. You go all static for awhile, and this is what you get to look at for a year. This was supposed to just be a spring fling, but it went up in March of 2002 and stayed up until Summer '03. I really liked the layout though.

. . . .