bad girls. ooh. kink!
cerecere, amazon quartet   Cerecere:
   The ever lovely leader of the Amazoness Quartet... Learn her connection to the senshi of love and beauty and a little about her as well. Don't worry, she doesn't bite... much. ^^

karaberas, second sister Karaberas:
Ahh, the lovely second sister from SMR. [second season] We can't forget her obvious ties to Sailorvenus, can we? If you're confused, please, come right in and learn a little more. Just be careful of the whip... She's been practicing... -_-;

mimete the second witch!   Mimete:
    The idol chasing witch! Other than the superficial physical similarities [blonde-ish hair, big eyes...] Mimete and Minako also share quite a few other traits. Curious? Come on in then. ^___^ Just beware the snails and the meglomania, okay? Working with the Witches5 really warped her sense of humor.

iron mousie! Iron Mouse:
    For awhile I wasn't sure which animate was really most like Minako- Crow or Mousie. Both share certain characteristics with my favorite senshi, but after thinking about it, the cuteness, the obsessiveness... Yeah, it's gotta be Iron Mouse. ^^ Chuu!

Run from the evil. Run!