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  • Born in: Ile-Bizard, Québec on April 21, 1980
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 192
  • Position: Center
  • Shoots: Left

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Vincent Lecavalier is an offensive center and the leading scorer with l'Océanic de Rimouski of the QMJHL. This past season, Vincent racked up 115 points in 58 games, despite being shadowed by every team. He also has a nasty streak attested by his 117 penalty minutes. Chosen #1 over all in this year's entry draft, Lecavalier is now Lightning property.


December 2, 1998
Quick update-
It looks like Vincent will not be headed to Winnipeg this Christmas to represent Canada at the wjhc tournament. Instead he will likely remain with Tampa getting little ice time. Personally, I am very disappointed with Demers' decision and I believe that playing for team Canada would be nothing but beneficial. Lecavalier sees about 11 minutes of ice time or less per game and has 5 points in 22 games.

October 25, 1998
He scores!-
Lecavalier made mom and dad proud tonight. Playing the Canucks, Vince got a beauty feed from Sandy McCarthy in the 1st and put it behind Garth Snow to record his first ever NHL goal. Lucky for me, that game was on sportsnet so I was able to record what should be the first of many. Yvon and Christianne, Vincent's parents, were leaving for Montreal so he knew it would be his last chance to score in front of them for awhile. Lightning win 3rd straight 3-2. (Article below)

October 22, 1998
1st point in NHL-
Vince notched his first of many assists last night in a game against Pittsburgh. His point came in the first period on Tucker's goal. The Lightning finally won a game, snapping a 15 game winless streak from last season. The final score was 5-0.

October 9, 1998
Vincent signs contract-
The bolts and Lecavalier agreed to the richest rookie deal in NHL history Wednesday. The 3 year deal could pay him near to $16 mil (numbers not released). He leads the lightning in pre-season scoring with 9 points and was named the No.2 center for the start of the season which goes against Florida today.

September 19, 1998
Pre-season underway-
Oh what a mess this place is! Anyway hockey season is right around the corner... Vincent was in Austria with the team playing ex games, but he's back now and doing pretty well so far at the NHL level. Scoring and doing not bad in his first pro fight. Check out the article you know where!

June 29, 1998
Surprise surprise, Lecavalier to Tampa-
Yay!!=o) The Tampa Bay Lightning made Vincent Lecavalier the #1 pick yesterday in this year's amateur draft. The lightning are undergoing a face lift and are looking at Vinny to be the next savior in Florida (unfairly, I might add). Vincent was obviously very happy and relieved that it was all "finally over." He also had no qualms about going back to Jr. hockey next year, which I think would be the best thing... but, two words: Joe Thornton. Anyway I'm linking CBS's pics on the picture page as well as articles and lightning links, so check 'em out!

June 13, 1998
Don Cherry's Coach's corner-
Vincent, along with some other draft prospects (Legwand, Henrich, Biron, Allen, Malhotra, Stuart), appeared on Thursday's Coach's corner. Vinny didn't get much airtime due to Kingstoney Bryan Allen, but he did look spiffy.

June 11, 1998
June Hockey Beckett-
There is an article on draft prospects in this month's hockey beckett. Also, Vincent is on the back cover of the magazine! Definitely a good buy. Beckett also has information on draft prospects who you may want to get a jump on, card collecting wise, if you're in the hobby. Vincent has several RC's out, including a hot one by Zenith which is going for $12 hi price.



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