The New Replicants, 2168
A blade-runner, a streetwise fixer, and an agent of the Tyrell Corporation pursue and destroy several specimens of a deadly new line of replicant androids crafted by Cygnus Enterprises.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Freddie Slick, Lt. Kenneth H. Thrush (R.I.P.)

The Extraction, 2169
A team from the Tyrell Corporation, with help from a traitorous Cygnus AI, arranges for the defection of a talented netrunner from Cygnus Enterprises.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Mike the Rat, Bob Losure

Child's Play, 2170
A team of Tyrell operatives infiltrates a rival company's research facility in the orbital colony of Crystal Palace. The team extracts much secret information about the genetic engineering company of Dornier-Bauer Biotechniche, but is nearly caught and imprisoned by Interpol.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Bob Losure, Spot

Hot on the Heels of Love, Part One, 2171
A wealthy dilettante uses his connections to arrange the rescue of his lover, Lucinde, from a research and development plant of Meyerdome Manufacturing, after learning that she was captured trying to infiltrate the plant's communications systems. The team conducts the rescue, with several deaths in the process, only to learn to their patron's surprise that Lucinde is an AI program whose mainframe was traced and acquired by Meyerdome.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Bob Losure, Tyrannus, Shiro Ozymandius Lefkowitz, Bartleby Gun

KViSR Rocks!, 2172
A Tyrell team is sent to a little-known Australian arcology, a structure sealed off after its inhabitants were exposed to a dangerous viral toxin, to learn the fate of several other Tyrell agents who disappeared there and track down the killer.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Necromicus Vindictus, Shiro Ozymandius Lefkowitz, others

Hot on the Heels of Love, Part Two, 2173
A team is hired first to extract a researcher from Meyerdome Manufacturing (the same researcher who had acquired the Lucinde AI in Part One), and then to locate Arlus deSangue, the dilettante who had hired them before. Employed by the dilettante's father, the team follows Arlus' murderers from San Francisco to Libreville to Crystal Palace, capturing one in Libreville and finally killing the other in an orbital workshack, the housing for a sophisticated and unknown Artificial Intelligence. During the mission the team learns that Arlus had his consciousness uploaded to a ROM construct, in the hopes of becoming an AI himself and joining his lover Lucinde in the Matrix.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, Tyrannus, The Kidd, Raven Shadows, Shade "Found by a Ninja, Cut like a Tomato" Two-Strong-Bears.

Annic Nova, 2175
Tyrell hires operatives to discover the nature of a space-ship which has mysteriously wrecked in the irratiated ruins of Sacramento. The mighty Tyrannus dies a spectacular, epoch-ending death.
The Players: Napoleon Solo, DeSade, Tyrannus