CRISIS OF UNEMPLOYMENT in handloom and cottage sectors

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Traditional method of bleaching yarn

It is going to be the serious problem to the uneducated and semi educated workers of undeveloped and underdeveloped countries, who are mainly employed in agricultural/ textiles and carpets and products of cottage industries. For your information this is the biggest area where major portion of semi and uneducated workers are consumed and if cheaper products are dumped into such countries, due to lack of withstanding the competition by way of quality and quantity, will only result to closure of small units which providing employment.

My objective of this site is to make aware of world about the potential of this sector for consuming minimum 50% of unemployed people.My intention is not to go backward and see what was done 100 years ago or before. But as more and more youths and middleaged illitertes and semi-literates are getting unemployed due to change in technology.Removing employees due to loss occuring in many multinational heavy industries will be heavy burden to the Governments. International trade will be affected due to recession, reason is unemployment and lack of purchasing power.Further, due to open market developed and developing countries only will have advantage of competitive price and finally dumping products in poor countries.

It is now the time for the international organisations to recognise the Handloom and cottage industries and its benefits.

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Handlooms and cottage industries have capacity to consume at least 50% of nonworking people around asia and world.

Handlooms mean employment