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DHORATI small village plight begins as soon as we enter. The beautiful mountain village lives in poverty. NGO's can help by adopting one of these villages of Munsyari

Dhorati village is 11kms away from MUNSYARI MOUNTAINS at height of around 2700 mts ...

Munsyari mountains nearly 650 kms from Delhi is vacational touring spot and famous for snow fall !!!!

Munsyari has about 21 villages each has population of about 80 families totalling around 300 people in each with high rate of unemployment,this is inspite of having traditional art of carpet weaving and woollen shawl knitting woolen garments!!!!!!!!!

My trip to Munsyari was unforgettable and heartfelt touching experience. I with my family started for trip from Nainital to see snow fall in mountain. Peak of Pancholi Mountain covered by snow nearly 300 kms from Nainital could be viewed clearly. That view inspired and we decided to follow.

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Before proceeding I telephoned number 059612-2339 Kumau Mandal Vikas Nigam tourist rest house to get room booked. We never knew that experience of journey to Munsyari would be with adventurous and excitements. In Berinag, car fuel tank was half and some one informed us to get tank filled in Thal as there would not be any gas station after Thal which was 50 kilometers from Berinag and we had to reach gas station before 5pm late would mean no gas for car. Daytime was very exiting for us as we could see around the mountains and appreciate its beauty. But as began to sunset, step-by-step darkness created panic in us.

snowy munsyari mountain

Munsyari water fall

view of Pancholi mountain from MUNSYARI SPOT

Seeing down deep was so dreadful that life became a gamble to us, 10 feet wide and damaged roads added fuel to fear. Our heartbeat was faster than normal. We were very lucky that our driver was very experienced though he too was hesitant and was cursing damaged and holey roads heading after each kilometers. Overtaking other vehicle could mean fall to minimum 200 meters below. At least of 3-4 hours minimum, we whispered names of all Gods in the universe. At 9pm we finally reached rest house and took control of our room. Dinner was refused to us as we were very late and kitchen was closed but nice hotel supervisor advised us to get dinner from out side. We some how managed to find Narain a worker in tiny restaurant (was one of the best in Munsyari) who was about to sleep but woke up hearing the car horn and opened the door. He prepared some nans (chapattis) and lentil for us. During gossip while preparation was on I came to know that this 17-year-old boy was 8th standard educated was working in this "BUGYAL" restaurant (Dhaba) and lived in DHORATI was located 11 kms below. He requested me to visit his village and buy woolen shawl that I agreed to visit next day. DHORATI small village plight starts begins now: