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Nobody does it like...SOSA!!!

Sosa going for the fence


66 Home Runs!

Damn it to hell, The Cubbies are audi. This was truly a great year for them as a team, not just Sosa. Speaking of the man, Sosa has been added to a major league all-star team that will play in Japan. Only the best to represent baseball. Way to go, Sammy!

Congratulations Sammy on your great season!

Maris's Record in 1961: 61

Congratulations to Mark McGwire for breaking Maris's record with home run number 62 Tuesday, September 8th, 1998. You brought happiness to many kids and teens on the first day of school!

Welcome to The Slammin' Sammy Sosa Page: my tribute to the best baseball player today. This page will have pictures, bios, stats and links to other pages on the major leagues most underrated player. Not until this year, when he made hit 21 homers in 22 games in the month of June, setting a record for most home runs in a month, did he get any recognition as the all-star player he is. And this year, he's gotten better. He's batting over .300, he's striking out less, walking more and playing incredible defence. And most inportantly, his team is winning, thanks in large part to his contributions as well as those of others such as Henri Rodriguez, Kerry Wood, Mark Grace and Jose Hernandez. I hope this year, the Cubs and the Red Sox, my favorite team make it to the World Series. That would be awesome. Anyways, check out the rest of my page and if you have any comments or any contributions to make to my page, please write to me at:

Note: Like I promised to you, I found a place to write directly to Sammy Sosa. Visit the following URL: "". There is a link to this page on my other Sosa sites link further down my page, also.

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