Torres Family Quotes

The Tarot-Quotes concerning Carmen and her cards.
Romance-Quotes about Gabi and Ricardo's love.
The Truth Hurts-Confrontation and Realization of Gabi and Antonio's affair.
Reminiscing-Torres Family Memories.
-Ricardo's Wedding Proposal

The Tarot

Carmen is reading her cards, trying to see who the other man in Gabi's life is.
Carmen:"This man is well-known."
Antonio:"Oh, good a celebrity."
Carmen:"Ssh, Be quiet Antonio."

Carmen:"Now we will see who is turning Gabi's attention away from Ricardo."
Antonio:"Gee, Mama, will there be a vile attached?"
Carmen:"Don't scoff at me Antonio."


Ricardo is talking about love to Gabi.
Ricardo:"You've shown me its really about little things."
Ricardo:"Like saving each other from a sinking ship...."
Ricardo:"Surviving my mother, the way the room lights up when they walk into it and you can smell their perfume when they're not even there."
Gabi:"Sometimes it's about saying nothing at all."
They begin to kiss.

The Truth Hurts

Maria talking to Carmen about her blackmailing Gabi.
Maria:Mama, do you have any idea what you have done??"
Carmen:"Saved my family."
Maria:"No, you have completely destroyed it, you mama, not Gabi."
Carmen:"She is an evil whore."
Maria:"She is a person, mama. A person who made a mistake, she and Antonio both did, but they know it and they don't need you throwing it back in their faces, none of us does."

Carmen:"The truth hurts, mijo....."

Antonio and Gabi finding the tape at the media center.
Antonio:Ok, so far we've seen the mating habits of the cheetah and let's see....
Gabi:"The giraffe...that was new."
AntonioL"My personal favorite was the rhinoceras."
A few minutes later after finding the footage of them together.
Antonio:"Oh, my god."
Gabi:"Antonio, we found it."
Antonio:"I don't believe this."
Gabi:"Yeah, I forgot that this is the first time you've ever seen this."
Ricardo then comes into the room.


Young Ricardo and Antonio playing on the beach with trucks.
Antonio tries to take Ricardo's truck from him.
Ricardo:"It's mine Antonio.
Antonio:"Give it to me Ricardo.
Ricardo:"You have your own."
Antonio:"I want yours."
Ricardo:"You can't have it."
Carmen:"Ninos, ninos. Stop fighting, you must learn to share. You are brothers,never let anything or anyone come between you."