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Hi, you are presently at Shruti's homepage! :~)
I gotta say... there's nothing better than Uni life, nothing to match it! I sincerely thank my luck for giving me the best of everything from it, got into some of the best friendships, worst relationships, most dramatic fights (INNIT PEOPLE!), etc. etc. And yeah, I 'love' the fact that I ALWAYS land up in the middle of every shit! And oh yeah, I know you've been waiting for this. So those of you whose life SHRUTI enlightens with her presence, ie, Ash (Mr. Currys), Asif (bhai), Dee (rabbit), Dina (freshy), Nadia (Kaddu), Idee (you desi), Julie (light it up, ...), Raj (Ross), Rishi (Duffy!), Sakib (poo face), Seema (Grandma), Sonia (peeeeople), Tejal (chubbs), Yasmin (miss pessimism), Yesha (legally brown) & Zarqa (Li'l Geeku)... I love you all. Each of you have your own great qualities - somewhere deep inside in a corner I don't usually find. My life, without each of your inputs, would definitely be worthless! Anyway, scroll down further to find out more...

Shruti Means: 'Music that touches the soul'
Famous Words: 'Sexy'/'Sick!'
Favourite Food: Calcutta Chinese
Favourite Drink: Coke, Mango Lassi
Favourite Chocolate: Cadbury's Fruit & Nut
Favourite Sports: Baseball, Bowling, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer
My Kinda Music: All Asian, Hip-Hop, R&B (Thanx 2 Sim n' Saku)
Favourite Movies: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho
Favourite Actors/Actress: Keanu Reaves, Shahrukh Khan, Will Smith, Kajol
Favourite Cartoon Characters: Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Johnny Bravo, Tazmania, Tom & Jerry (ALL ARE DESTRUCTIVE LIKE ME!)
Favourite Colours: Blue (Sexy!), Black
I Hate: Two-faced shits
Motto: Keep smiling, since a smile is a curve that makes all curves of life straight! :-)
Greatest Ambition: To become prime minister of India - Don't laugh, I'll make it there one day!

My Favourite Links:
123 Greetings - The best service for all types of e-cards
Filmfare Online - The best online magazine on the Indian Film Industry
India FM - The site with most up-to-date news on the Indian Film Industry

Websites on Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are also member sites of this small network; you sure may visit them.

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