Horde Generator

Version 1.0


Click on the letter that applies to the appropriate horde code, the output will show wealth and then items. I did not implament the specialist items ("Weapons Table IV" for example) and Herb tables. Because this means you a) can customise the results, b) need the book (too keep the guys at ICE happy) and c) save me a hell of a lot of typing. I often try to kid myself that c is not really a reason, but hey i couldn't be bothered. One day i might get aroud to re-doing it, one day perhaps.

You can copy the contents of the display area to the clipboard by highlighting and pressing "ctrl"+"c" or "ctrl"+"insert", Enjoy

Legal bit:- "This product was derived from the Rolemaster product line and is presented here with the permission of Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. This product is intended to be used as support for Rolemaster fans and should be distributed free of charge."

Credits:- Nathan Beal (thats me), designer, author and general all round programmy type person.
Thanks to:- The origional write of the tables, without you this wouldn't have happened. Sorry i could not credit you directly, but i don't know your name, if anyone does know, tell me.
Special thanks to:- J Curtis, Thanks for the permission to use the tables JC

If you would like a copy of this program, please email me (sirfenris@lycosmail.com) with your comments and suggestions, I like to know who is using the program.

Warranty:- There is none, the product is not mallicious and will not intentionally cause any problems with your system. But if it does it is not my fault, OK.

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