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My own custom list of talents, a list of the talnts I typically allow in my games with the points cost I assign to each of them, in my own games. I cases where the system mechanics have been altered, these will be explained in full. If you have any suggestions for this list, then please mail me with them.

Horde Generator

Finally I now have permission from ICE to put this gizmo here. Basically it is a java 1.0 prog that will calculate treasure composition, as per the tables in the Treasure companion. Very very usefull. If you want a copy email me with your name and comments. Please note the copywrite statement.

Character Sheets

These are my own character sheets in Word97 format, zipped for download. Feel free to download them and do with them what you will, if you like what you see, or would like to see (or post) more professions, Contact me. If you want to see them in a different format, the same applies.
Basic Front Sheet and Commonly used skill sheet (simalar in function to the origional ICE one).
Skill Sheet, Organised by category, very fast and simple to use. I have customised versions of the above for the...
Fighter | Healer | Magician | Warrior Mage
Download a copy of all of the above [128kb, zipped word 97 files]


I began this project a few months ago, when I decided I wanted to create my own world. I wanted to see what other people thought and so here it is, any comments or questions drop me a line.


Allansian Religion
Allansian Races
Urban Men | Rural Men | Woodsmen | Nomads | Jungle Elves | Sand Elves | Dwarves
Allansian Cultures
Military/Social Organistaion

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