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Reviews and Commentary for The Complete Book of Bass: Nearly complete coverage of Bass fishing Many of you are familiar with the books published under the banner of “The Hunting and Fishing Library (H&FL).” There have been over twenty titles that included material on the Black Bass since that series started in 1982, mostly 160 pages each, and profusely illustrated with color photos and drawings. This book is a compilation of the earlier books and is sold at bookstores rather than to the subscribers to the H&FL. This one is larger in content and delivers much of the best from those earlier books. Instructs on how to fish all of the different types of reservoirs and rivers with case studies that cover specific waters. There are also chapters on individual types of lures and proper techniques. The book concludes with a section on Tournament Fishing that features tips from many Bass pros. If you only want one book on Bass fishing, this would be one to consider. In addition, with all the color illustrations, it could qualify as a coffee table book. Leave it out and enjoy telling others about your exploits after they pick it up to thumb through.

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Reviews and Commentary for The Bass Fisherman's Bible: Synopsis: Extensively revised and updated to cover sophisticated new equipment and techniques, this new edition includes a state-by-state listing of prime bass locations in the U.S. and Canada. From the Publisher : One of the most recognized names in publications for outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Bibles offer expert, informatively illustrated guidance for novices and experienced sportsmen alike. B & W photographs and illustrations throughout. This book covers the basics to gain a quick understanding of the fundelmentals that every beginning bass fisherman should know. It covers a broad range of topics and makes good use of photos to allow the reader to gain better insight to the techniques that are critical.

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Reviews and Commentary for Advanced Bass Fishing: This book is GOLD to all bass fisherman! Advanced Bass Fishing is the one book you'll keep going back to! It's full of tricks that will add some fish to your otherwise empty live well. Stuff like how to weight minnow plugs to suspend & to sand down poppers to make them spit and skip better. Also to turn your buzzbaits into squeaking, clicking, clacking,bubbling dinnerbells! And things such as the correct way to de-gas deepwater largemouth. They chose a different pro angler for each technique, then let the pro demonstrate it on a lake of their choice. The book then tells you all of the specifics, best weather, season, and time of day to use the technique. The suggested rod length, action and lb. test of line, when they are factors. Another great thing is that since is wasn't created by a fishing company, there is no bias and no product pushing. The book isn't to general making it pefect for the amateur or pro tornament fisherman looking for an edge as well as a beginner seeking info beyond the basics. This book shouldn't be missing from any bass anglers shelves!

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Reviews and Commentary for Successful Bass Fishing: Complete coverage for the bass angler A while back I was involved in a thread on the Internet discussing bass books. Several of the participants agreed that Bass Fishing Fundamentals was one of the best, if not the best, bass book ever published. Those anglers will be happy because here is a newly revised version of that book. It has been extensively rewritten, new photos added, and has all new illustrations. He begins with a short chapter on bass habitat and follows that with one on bass biology. Included is coverage of the different types of lures and how to fish them. Boats, rods, reels, and line are all here, along with playing, landing and releasing bass, and fishing in vegetation. Schultz has covered it all, including a chapter on taking the big one. He ended the Bass strike motivation section with this great thought: Bass are not high-class jewel thieves. They are thugs, the street toughs of the underwater world. Their nature is to be compulsively aggressive. They are repeat offenders, unreformable. And it is this aspect of their feeding behavior that so endears them to anglers. If it is possible for a book to contain everything you need to know to catch bass, this could be it.

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Reviews and Commentary for Bassin' With the Best : Techniques of America's Top Pros: It is surprising that a book with such a simple formula--take nine top money winners on the pro largemouth-bass fishing tournament trail and have them all talk about their favorite lures or methods for catching the fish--has taken so long to be produced. Not surprising is the product: a solid, well-written tome more for accomplished anglers than beginners, although fishers of all levels of skill will learn things from the book that they can apply on the water. Viewers of largemouth tournaments on cable TV should recognize the nine main informants, and in the final chapter, some 25 other professional bass anglers list their tips and techniques, adding yet more value to the book. Oh, White boosts the pros a bit too much, calling them "wizard," "king," "virtuoso," etc., and touting that "experts listen when this guy talks," etc., but that doesn't detract from the basic value for bass anglers. Jon Kartman,

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Reviews and Commentary for The Striped Bass: This book is filled with both great information on fishing, but also some fairly technical information on the striped bass fishery, its history, the physiogomy of the striper and the current state of the striped bass as game fish. Very well compiled and presented.

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Reviews and Commentary for The Striped Bass Chronicles : The Saga of America's Great Game Fish: The striped bass, Morone saxatilis, aka the ocean rockfish, is one of the more common U.S. game fish, readily available to anglers on both coasts. Its range has shrunk since a century ago, but in the past decade it began swimming in many of the country's largest reservoirs. It is known for its fierce fighting ability on hook and line and its excellent comestible qualities, yet it is largely ignored by the mainstream angling press. Reiger strives to amend that neglect, and if he doesn't give much precise information on catching striped bass, he does survey its past, present, and future well. Common on the dinner tables of sixteenth-century colonists, the fish has been through many boom-and-bust cycles. At present, it may be headed toward a very serious bust because of pollution and overharvesting. Besides the hard info, Reiger recounts plenty of his early fishing exploits with the species, and they are just a joy to read. Jon Kartman

A pleasantly avuncular history and reminiscence of striped- bass fishing from Field and Stream conservation editor Reiger (Heron Hill Chronicle, 1994, etc.). The striped bass is an extremely important commercial and game fish, and it has been since colonial days, when the striper was pursued from Maine to Georgia. It was also pursued by native populations prior to European arrival. It has been fished nearly to extinction three times over the last hundred years (Reiger doesn't buy the cyclical-decline hypothesis offered by some fisheries biologists, and outlines convincing reasons why he doesn't). He shapes his story by mingling historical accounts of striped-bass fishing (fishers wield a pen as often as they handle a rod) by notables of their day--like Genio C. Scott, fashion editor and New York City's most popular fishing writer during the Civil War, and Russell Chatham, a writer and artist now living in Montana, far from striper precincts--with his own personal encounters with the fish. Each chapter concentrates on a particular striper venue, mainly along the midAtlantic Coast, but also venturing north to New England and south to the Savannah River, as well as to the West Coast and the San Francisco Bay and Monterey fisheries, which have also waxed and waned since the introduction of stripers from New Jersey in 1879. Ever the inquiring naturalist and sportsman, Reiger laces his chronicle with biological tidbits, such as how the turkey buzzard got its name, reflections on the practice of catch-and-release fishing, and the pleasures of the fly as opposed to the plug. Sadly, Reiger foresees another crash for the striped bass; the number of fish taken by recreational fishermen now rivals the commercial catch, leading to a one-two punch. He might be out there stalking them, but no one will doubt Reiger's love of the striper after finishing this book. (22 line drawings, not seen)

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