The "Human Rights" Crime of the Century

By Susan J. Bucher c 1999

Once upon a time, long, long ago, doctors developed the "perfect" surgery.

The surgery literally had no side effects and made life better, wonderful, and care free for any woman who underwent the simple procedure. It was truly a "miracle" surgery, and any woman who wanted the surgery could have it.

Husbands also benefited by their wives having the "miracle" surgery. Although the men didn't have the surgery, it was marketed to them as a "life improvement option" (if their wives underwent the surgery.)

Others also benefited from the surgery. There were the doctors, hospitals, surgical equipment manufacturers, drug companies, insurance companies and even world governments. Because so many profited from this procedure it hada marvelous trickle down (or up) side effect.

Everyone was happy! Life was good.

The only thing was, most women complained that something "wasn't right" after they had the surgery.

Their voices being heard, researchers went about to study the side effects of the surgery. Since it was a women's issue it didn't really get the funding and attention that other studies got. Still, in time, it was studied by a few and researchers learned that the "miracle" surgery really wasn't as safe as everyone first thought. In fact, their findings proved that the surgery had many horrendous side effects. They informed the doctors of their findings, and suggested that more research be done.

The doctors who performed the surgeries were not really surprised by the findings because the findings just confirmed what the doctors had already learned first hand.

They knew how many women complained and became sick. Doctors had quickly learned that the "miracle surgery" being sold to the women created even more business for the doctors, hospital, surgical equipment manufactures, etc., because the "miracle" surgery created medical conditions in women which required 2nd and 3rd surgeries. They saw the damage when performing these follow up surgeries on these "miracle" women and had an idea what was happening.

Doctors also knew that although the side effects were very prominent, it would be very hard, or near impossible for women to prove that they were injured in any degree by the "miracle" surgery.

The follow up surgeries that the doctors performed literally disposed of the evidence. The women wouldn't see the damage or the evidence before it was thrown out.

In light of the studies, some doctors set out to disprove the first studies and participated in and funded amiss studies. If they could show "no correlation" to the "miracle" surgery and with other conditions then they could publicly "dismiss" the 1st research findings and state that the first studies were "disproved" or "unproven". This was a way for them to hide the "truth" so they could continue selling and performing the "miracle" surgery.

The findings were pretty much put under lock and key, or they were not made accessible to the public. Medical journals would not publish and would censor, etc.... It was unlikely that anyone would find this information at their public library or have the information disclosed to them.

If asked by anyone the doctors said that they never had a woman "complain" about after effects of the miracle surgery. To the women themselves they would attribute their ails to being caused by something else. It would be near impossible for them to prove otherwise.

The government? Even though they were made aware of the side effects they saw great "value" in the surgical procedure, in fact they (just like the doctors) wanted to see "more" of these surgeries done. If they had it their way every woman in the world would have this surgery. They turned a blind eye and even funded private organizations to promote the surgeries in their own country and in other countries.

The doctors continued to mislead the public and twist the truth. Over time this became "mandatory" for the doctors. If they publicly spoke about the "truth" they would be exposing the "fraud" that they themselves, the medical community, and many others had contrived and committed.

So the doctors continued to do what they were doing before. They continued to sell the surgery as the perfect surgery.

The conspiracy was unspoken, a true code of silence.

This went on for a long, long time...

No doctor dared to publicly state that the "miracle" surgery had bad side effects. To do so would cause major repercussions for the doctor. Relations with their peers, hospitals and so on would be affected. The doctor would be publicly scorned and professionally attacked.

No one who knew this information wanted to be the one to let the cat out of the bag, or to publicly cry out that the emperor didn't have on any clothes.

Then came the computer age. Information which was once impossible to gather was suddenly available at the touch of a button. Now not only did the doctors know the truth about the real side effects of the "miracle" surgery, so did everyone else, including the victims!

The women who underwent this surgery found out that they were NOT informed. That their condition could be and most likely was related to the surgery. They were not only un-informed, they were out right lied to. They were also getting sub standard treatment after their "miracle" surgery, and they were mad!

Is this story true? Is the "miracle" surgery a real surgery?

Yes it is! It's known as "TUBAL LIGATION"!

Tubal ligation (TL), or female sterilization, is the number one form of birth control in the world for women over the age of 30. It is estimated that over 140 million women have been sterilized in the name of birth control.

Doctors and promoters of the surgery state that the surgery is safe, has no side effects and that the women they sterilize do not/have not experienced problems after their tubals.

Post tubal women themselves state otherwise.

What it comes down to is this: The OBGYN medical community knows that TL does cause problems, they have been lying to women about the side effects and have been creating a "hormonal iatroepidemic holocaust" by selling this surgery and not informing women of the known risks and side effects of this surgery.

Consumers of tubal ligations are lead to believe that if something should seriously go wrong with the surgery (bowel injury) that she would be made aware of the injury at the time of the surgery or within hours of the surgery, and that a 2nd surgery would be done right away to correct. Yes, women ARE usually informed that an injury to the bowel could happen, but never are the words listed in the brochures or said by the doctors that there is the risk that veins to the ovaries being cut could cause a hormonal imbalance (or complete castration) or that there is a risk of adenomyosis because of blood supply to the uterus being damaged.

The reason that women are NOT informed about the possible risk of damage to the ovaries/uterus/other organs is clear. She will not quickly die if these types of injuries occur. The risk of bowel injury is disclosed during the consent process. The bowel is a primary organ. If the bowel is injured the woman could/will die quickly. On the other hand if the blood supply is altered, damaged, or cut to other surrounding organs or if these secondary organs (ovaries, uterus, etc...) are damaged (which does happen often - it's the nature of the surgery), she will not "quickly" die, but she will become very sick. Over time she may have the damaged organ removed, or will "learn to live with it". She may not "die" because of her injuries, but her quality of life will not be the same.

The issue is "Informed Consent"

Although doctors did not know 100 years ago that female sterilization via tubal ligation caused real and true problems, they do know about it today. They have known that tubal ligations have had negative side effects for at least 30 years.

Doctors not disclosing this information during the process of informed consent are committing a crime.

Iatrogenesis is a Greek word which means "doctor-caused" or "doctor produced". It is a medical term meaning harm done by doctors. It is a fancy way of saying "malpractice" or medical fraud. Doctors make all kinds of mistakes. Some are quite obvious like the wrong breast or leg being removed.

Others types of iatrogenesis malpractice are not so obvious.

Take for example a doctor prescribing an approved medicine for a condition and the patient having a severe reaction to the medication. The patient gets sicker and then experiences permanent injury (such as having a stroke which results in brain damage). If medication was an FDA approved drug and the element was approved and prescribed all the time to treat the condition at first it would appear that the doctor was not at fault and that it was "just one of those things". Then, upon closer examination it becomes exposed and known that the doctor knew that the patient was allergic to the principal component in that medication. The doctor should have prescribed an alternate drug. What appeared to be "no wrong doing" in reality is serious negligence.

Doctors make mistakes and commit malpractice all the time. In most cases the mistakes are isolated and rare events. Most Iatrogenesis cases are unusual and involves only one doctor acting on his/her own, out of the norm or recklessly. The mistake/malpractice creates a negative medical condition that the patient did not previously have and the condition could have been avoided if the doctor foresaw the outcome or treated the patient in a more appropriate way.

The negative condition is not commonly caused by the regular standard treatment or protocol.

Other iatrogenesis events are more epidemic in nature and more widespread. These types of events have been termed "iatroepidemics", which mean epidemics or plagues caused by doctors. Dr. Eugene D. Robin, M.D. describes "iatroepidemics" as "systematic errors incorporated into medical practice".

Iatroepidemics happen when doctors agree upon a protocol or surgical procedure. This protocol or surgery becomes accepted within the medical community and incorporated into standard medical practice. Some examples of iatroepidemics are the past practice of prescribing of DES (diethylstilbestrol), electroshock shock treatments, tonsillectomies, and lobotomy surgeries.

The iatroepidemic procedure or protocol becomes officially approved and sanctioned but really causes more harm than good. They become very popular forms of treatment, used often by the medical community because at first they are thought to be valuable and safe. Everyone in the medical community jumps on the band wagon and follows suit. Masses of people are treated the same way, and many (most) suffer injuries and bad side effects before the treatment or surgery is found or proven to be ineffective or to cause "more harm than good".

When it becomes apparent that a treatment or surgery is more harmful than good, doesn't improve the condition, doesn't produce the desirable effects that it was thought to, and /or had terrible side effects, the treatment is usually then discontinued. In some cases the medical community does this on their own, and in other cases (such as with DES), they are told by a higher power to stop the treatment.

Unlike blatant malpractice or iatrogenesis, most victims of iatroepidemics rarely find out that they have been harmed by their doctor or that they are a victim. The treatment that they received was considered standard and many (masses of) people received the same treatment.

Iatroepidemics by the way, tend to follow a pattern, as if the man made epidemic plague created by the doctors has it's own life.

There's the birth of the idea by the health/medical community, the growth of popularity in the treatment/protocal, then when the treatment is learned to cause more harm than good the treatment is abandoned and dies.

Some iatroepidemics do not die, but become less popular.

The iatroepidemic that DES caused is an example of an iatroepidemic death. The FDA publicly stated that the treatment was completely harmful and ordered the treatment to be stopped. It is no longer the practice to prescribe DES to pregnant women. Even though this information was known prior to the FDA demanding the halt of the treatment, doctors were still prescribing it.

In other cases it's the doctors themselves who just stop ordering the treatment on their own with out a higher power telling them to do so. Lobotomies are a good example here.

An example of an iatroepidemic that didn't die but became less popular is electroshock treatment. At one point this treatment was routinely used as a 1st choice and was very, very popular. Electroshock is still used today, but only as a last course of treatment.....

Another interesting correlation that iatroepidemics have in common are that most victims don't ever find out they are/were victims of a medical iatroepidemic, or that they were harmed (or that their current condition was caused) by their past course of medical treatment. The reason that iatroepidemics follow this pattern is because iatroepidemics are popular 'standard' accepted medical protocals/treatments and the treatment is the same for everyone. The victims are told that there are no side effects and that the cause of their condition is "unknown". When the medical community does do away with these types of treatment they are "faded out" and swept under the table.

Tubal ligations will always be an option for birth control for women. It's a very popular surgery and it does work. It does (in most cases) accomplish the purpose for which the surgery is intended. It stops women from becoming pregnant.

But it also has KNOWN bad side effects.

Tubal ligations, the treatment and history, follows the iatroepidemic pattern.

At first it was though to be safe and beneficial. It's very popular and the treatment has been pretty much the same by many doctors. It was learned that the surgery did cause harm that could be of grave concern. Women were/are not informed that they were/could be injured by the surgery.

The harm that is currently being caused to women is not only the surgery itself, but also because they are not informed of the risks before hand.

Tubal ligations do work near perfectly and should be offered to women as a BC option, but because the surgery is "elective", and because it does have known side effects, these side effects MUST be made known to the women when they are informed about the surgery.

Sure, "most" women signed informed consent, and "thought" they were informed, but what are they told and informed of? The consent document becomes invaded when it's exposed that the doctor didn't completely inform them and the printed information didn't inform them.

Women are NOT being completely informed of the risks!

Women are warned of the risk of bowel injury. They are warned of the risk of ectopic pregnancy after tubal sterilization. Women are also told that they might develop slightly heavier periods after their tubals. They are NOT told, however, the cause or reason why. Heavy periods are a secondary side effect of something else the tubal ligation caused. The primary side effects that the TL causes are hormonal imbalances and adenomyosis. These conditions in turn cause the irregular and heavy periods. These conditions are caused by the tubal ligation surgery.

Women are NOT warned of the reason why their periods might become heavier, and not told how bad the bleeding could become. Many women become "anemic" or experience an "iron deficiency" because of the increase of blood loss.

Women are NOT told that they may develop ovarian cysts.

Women are NOT told that they might develop a hormonal condition because of the tubal. They are NOT told that they could lose one, or even both ovaries. They are NOT told how serious a hormonal imbalance or surgical menopause could be.

Some current brochures state outright that there is no risk for menopause. This is a lie.

Women are told that they will have a better risk of NOT getting ovarian cancer .

She is NOT told why she would be at less risk of ovarian carcinoma. The truth is it's because she'd be at a higher risk for needing a hysterectomy, and that her ovaries would be removed. No ovaries, no ovarian cancer.

She is NOT told that she will have a higher a risk of endometrial cancer

In order to be informed of the risks, women must be able to understand ALL the risks, not just about the risk of possible anesthesia complications or that they may experience a tubal pregnancy. ALL the words have to be said to the women when talking about tubal ligations. All words including...

"Post Tubal Syndrome"

"Adenomyosis" and "Endometriosis"

Increased "Bleeding Abnormalities" (which may include large clotting and flooding. Can result in "Anemia")

"Surgery Intervention may be needed to correct" bleeding abnormalities/pain including a "D&C" or a "Hysterectomy",

"Ovarian Cysts", "Loss of One Ovary", or "Loss of Both Ovaries,"

"Menopause", "Castration", if ovary's fail due to blood restriction or future removal because of bleeding abnormalities/pain.

"Menopause", "Hormone Imbalance", "Hormone Shock", and then the need for "Hormone Replacement Therapy" (HRT) for life,

"Bone Loss",

"Coronary Heart Disease" (CHD),


"Fibrocystic Breast Disease" from a prolonged hormonal imbalance,

and this list goes on....

These side effects are physical and hormonal in nature. Because women are not being informed of these risks when consenting to their tubal ligations, and because most will develop a hormonal/physical condition after their TL, the actions of not informing is causing great harm and follows the pattern of a true iatroepidemic.

The protocol in the "informed consent" of the surgery MUST be changed to include all known risks. ZERO TOLERANCE. This includes passing laws in each state in order to ensure that women are being properly informed.

Medical historians who followed iatroepidemic plagues agree that within the pattern of the epidemic, before it can be termed an iatroepidemic, it has to be noted that the treatment is causing harm. This has already happened with tubal ligations.

And in true iatroepidemic fashion, the victims of this plague (post tubal women) are not even aware that they have been injured. The victims were not warned or informed of the possible side effects, and they are not being informed afterwards that their current condition is/was caused by the "standard treatment".

Tubal ligations continue to be offered to the public without warnings of the risks. This is still being done even though it's "well known" by the medical community that the surgery is notorious for causing negative side effects. The patient is not warned of or told about them.

When TL women return complaining of problems after the procedure they are told that their tubal ligation had no effect on their current condition, even though the medical community knows otherwise. Information is hidden and suppressed to the patient by the medical community that many conditions are more commonly noted or outright caused by tubal ligations.

The truth is hidden in order to not expose themselves (or their peers) about the fraud they themselves (or the medical community) have committed. They "cover up" for fear of malpractice suits, for fear of being ostracized by their peers, etc.... The "code of silence" has become so wide spread that it has become a conspiracy within the medical community and doctors are afraid to publicly speak out on the issue.

Tubal ligations are given away. Anyone who wants one can have one. Private and State insurance companies (including Medicare) pay for TL's. Do insurance companies know about the risks? Are insurance companies also kept in the dark about these issues so they pay for the procedure, the theory being that they are "saving" money? Or are they aware of the issues? If so, are they thinking that if a women then goes on to have a hysterectomy, they are still coming out ahead?

What is our governments stance on female sterilization? In 1977, Dr. Reimert Ravenholt, the head of USAID's population office, publicly inferred that the Agency intended to sterilize one quarter of all women. The World Bank has explicitly indicated that population control is more important than reproductive freedom. Today it's estimated that over 140 million women have been sterilized to date. The tool to reach this goal was not done with soldiers but through misinformation, propaganda, and the hands of the women's health care providers and the medical community.

What is known by the medical community and what is commonly told by the doctors/promoters who are "informing" the patient are two different things. In almost every case it is the doctor that is informing/presenting information who will perform and profit from the surgery. The doctor has a financial motive NOT to inform because in doing so properly might cause the "consumer" to change her mind about the surgery, hence the doctor would lose a "sale".

The OBGYN community has in the past created more than one hormonal holocaust. The "standard protocol" of prescribing DES as well as the "standard protocol" of unnecessary hysterectomy are two such plagues. These protocols were changed. The horror of DES was completely stopped, and the butchering of women with unnecessary hysterectomies is slowing.

Now it is exposed that the OBGYN community has and still is currently causing yet another epidemic hormonal plague upon millions of women by not informing them of the known risks of tubal ligations.

In the U.S., tubal ligations are said to be "voluntary" and "elective" but they are not. There are no laws in place that protect women (and men) form this "sterilization abuse" which is real and on going. Patients must be informed of the risks before they are deemed "informed" and can legally sign the sterilized consent form and this is not currently happening.

This is a crime of fraud and it's been waged upon women for over 100 years. This crime must come to a stop. Women MUST be "completely" informed when consenting to sterilization! This consent must include all possible known sided effects including the possibility of castration.

Is this a NOW issue?

Yes it is.

The NOW chapter that is endorsing the "Campaign to Inform" is the IL Will County NOW . Contact Will County NOW or e-mail for more information.

The withholding of known, negative information regarding tubal ligations during the process of "consent" results in fraud, assault and battery. This must stop. Laws need to be put in place in order to ensure that "true" informed consnet takes place when women consent to a TL. Currently there are no laws that protect women from this on going "silent" crime. Post Tubal Women need to be infomred that they may have a possible hormonal condition and provided with proper medical treatment.

If you are interested in helping get some laws changed, helping with the "Campaign to Inform", or if you are a post tubal women and would like to be involved in a possible class action lawsuit you should contact your local NOW chapter. We can gather here on the internet, but we also need to nationally organize, collate and reach all women who are post tubal.

The lies and fraud that surround tubal ligations have to stop.


Information MUST be given 
to pre-tubal and post tubal women. 

WE, the following; 
Post Tubal Women,
Husbands to Post Tubal Women,
Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers,
Daughters, Sons, Grandchildren, and Friends of
Post Tubal Women,
Armed with this information and knowledge  
About the on going "tubal ligation" iatroepidemic 
And knowing that we, our family, and our friends
Were not, and are not being informed 
About ALL the known risks by the medical community
And learning that our health/their 
Health condition(s) 
Was caused by the tubal ligation surgery,
For every state
about Tubal ligations. 


ZERO TOLERANCE is headed by Dr. Vicki Hufnagel, M.D.

ZERO TOLERANCE is Women's Rights, Human Rights, Health Rights, Medical Rights

The Coalition of Post Tubal Women is also ZERO TOLERANCE.

Coalition of Post Tubal Women
P.O. Box 786
Lockport, IL 60441
United States

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