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There are 10 piano solos printed in each Christmas book, "A Cool Yule" and "A Swingin' Yule". There is a CD with 11 songs in the center of the second book. That bonus 11th arrangement is provided here FREE for you only at this website. You can to print it, copy it, save it, or send it to friends. You'll find 10 more like it when you buy either book. And, you'll hear all 11 arrangements (those 10 PLUS this BONUS song) on the CD in "A Swingin' Yule".
Now for a quick explanation. This arrangement has two pages. It can be played in a "short version," with just page one, or in a "long version," by inserting the second page as a bridge. Where? At measure 14 on page one, jump to page two, use that as the "first ending," play thru the bridge. Then, at the end of page two, jump back to the "main theme" on page one, at measure 5, and continue.

Sound confusing? Okay, then just try this explanation. Just play page one, then page two, and then page one again. You'll notice there are a few repeated measures. So skip them. They are there to allow page one to be a complete song by itself, and to allow you to know where page two should be the bridge. It not as bad as it looks. Good Luck.
For the purists among us (and you know who you are), the following specific measures from pages 1 and 2 match:
page 1, measure 15 = page 2, measure 1
page 1, measure 16 = page 2, measure 2
page 1, measure 17 = page 2, measure 3
If you prefer to consider all of page 2 to be the "first ending" at that point, and then that portion of page 1 (starting at measure 15) as the "second ending", then that will work as well. Whatever explanation makes you feel comfortable.
Remember, when you buy "A Swingin' Yule", the "long version" appears at the end of the CD, as the BONUS song.

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