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There are 10 jazz piano solo arrangements printed in "If It Ain't Baroque, Just Swing It!" There is a CD with 11 songs in the center of this book. That bonus 11th arrangement is provided for you FREE only at THIS website. You can to print it, copy it, save it, or send it to your family and friends. You will find 10 more like it when you buy the book. Enjoy it !!
Now for a quick explanation. This arrangement has two pages. Mozart's original work follows the Sonata Allegro Form. It has two main themes, the first played in "C", and the second in "G"; after a development section, Mozart repeats the first theme in "C", but goes to the second theme also in "C". Since the Swing form is not quite the same as the Sonata form, the development section was skipped, and both themes are presented here in "C", with a repeat.

Remember, when you buy "If It Ain't Baroque, Just Swing It", this entire arrangement appears at the end of the CD, as the BONUS song.

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