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Straight from our bookmarks to you -- the sites we use again and again when looking for help with HTML and web design. There's a little bit of everything here, from promotion to polish, so check it all out!


Little errors in HTML coding can cause big problems with your web site. A page may look fine on your own computer, but with so many different browsers in use, you can't be sure that what you planned for your visitors to see will actually be what appears on their computer screen.

One tool that can help you eliminate at least some of the risk in web site design is The Web Site Garage. This online program will identify HTML errors and tell you how to fix them. Just enter your URL in the box below and click on the GO button for a free analysis.

Tune Up Your Web Site Free:


More than we could ever list here... everything from free CGI scripts to banner exchanges to... well, you name it, they have it at The Webmaster's Toolbox . The site is updated frequently with articles, interviews with webmasters, and new tips in the ever-changing world of internet technology.


If you're not ready to invest in your own domain name and a server, there are hundreds of sites who offer you free web space (most in exchange for placing advertising on your site in some form). What kind of services and space limitations they give you vary widely, and there are many out there besides GeoCities, Tripod and the like. Check out The Free Webpage Provider Review for a comprehensive catalog of all the places where you can park your site for free. They also review the best places for free email and other free services, so it is worth a good long visit.


Of all the sites offering HTML tutorials and tips, the one I find myself returning to is HTML Goodies . They have it all, from JavaScript to Cascading Style Sheets, how-to's for all kinds of special effects and tricks, plus discussion groups, software downloads, and more.


You've slaved over your site, checked the code, found the perfect graphics, everything's uploaded and ready to go... and the only hits you're getting are from your friends or your mother. You want the world to see your hard work up on the web, right? Well, you've got to promote that puppy.

There are many, many sites out there that offer to promote your site to dozens (or hundreds) of search engines and web indexes for free, or for a "small" fee. It's true that promotion can be a very time-consuming job, and these sites have programs that simplify the task. But you might find that your site is put in the wrong category, or in a special index where it doesn't even belong, or ends up so low in the search results that nobody ever gets to it. For the best placement in indexes and a good ranking in a search engine, you need to promote the site yourself. gives you control over where your site is listed, and really explains the why and how of promotion. The site also offers other great tools for determining your search engine ranking, how many other people's sites link to you, and many others. And best of all, you pay only what you think the site is worth. We're on the honor system here, folks! If you find that the site becomes an important bookmark and the promotion tools really work for you, send in $10 or so and you'll get access to even more tools. If you're a one-stop shopper or you didn't seem to get any results, don't worry, don't pay a thing. I truly believe it is well worth the money if you want your site promoted right; I use it literally every day.


There's more to web site promotion than just getting in the search engines and indexes. But with all the banner exchanges, "free-for-all" link pages, and promotion "bargains" out there, it's a full time job to find ones that really work. There's a newsletter that can help:

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