Chapter Eighteen

"Tay?" August looked out into the hallway. He came in, rubbing his hand and cursing. She looked at him strangely, and he answered her unspoken question.
"I just slugged your dad in the nose."
August put a hand to her mouth to capture the giggles that were spilling out of her, despite the intravenous tube snaking out the back of her hand. He looked up.
"And why do you find that amusing?"
She finally regrouped, and mumbled,
"I've been wanting to do that for a long time," she replied. He smiled warmly, sitting down on the edge of the bed and touching her shoulder lightly. She looked down, suddenly quiet...
" what you said before, the night before..."
She suddenly took his hand in hers and kissed the back of it, then looked right in his eyes.
"Tay...I talked to one of the nurses...and...and..." she trailed off, her lower lip quivering. He pulled himself up beside her and put an arm around her shoulders.
She looked up.
"And...they did a test, and they said that I was pregnant, but...the accident...oh, shit..." she put a hand over her eyes and sighed raggedly. Taylor was ready for it, allowing her to bury her face in his hair.
"Shhh...don't bother; I think I know the rest."
It was, in essence, a road marker. They both realized that their life would never quite be the same, and they never really would be able to go back to what they'd had before. They'd seen too much, knew too many things...that was the price to pay.

A few days later

"I can't believe I'm really doing this," August said softly, putting the last pair of jeans into a bag. She looked around. The walls were bare, and the furniture had already been taken to her aunt's house. All that was left was her bags of clothes, which she ahd just finished packing up. Taylor hoisted her bags off the floor, and literally threw them down the stairs. August chuckled softly, then looked at him with eyes full of affection.
"Come on, let's go...all this place holds is memories," she whispered, waving her hand around to the various nostalgia that she couldn't take with her - scrathes in the door frame from measuring her height every year on her birthday; a mural she had painted on the wall with her mother when she was twelve, of unicorns and dragons; and all the glow-in-the-dark constellation stickers on her ceiling. She was going to miss it, true, but she knew it was better for her to be away from there. Just before she went out the door, she looked at Taylor.
"I just have one more thing to do," she said softly, taking her pocket knife out and handing it to him. She carefully backed up against the door frame, standing perfectly straight. She didn't have to tell Taylor what to do, he knew. He walked over, and put a scratch mark precisely where she stood, the last of them. August moved away, looking at it with misty eyes. She took the knife from him, and scratched the words, March 1999. Taylor put his arm around her shoulders and they walked out, not once looking back.

Seen on the back of the May 1999 Hanson Album, Memories & Jellybeans:

1. Dear God 3:12
2. I Love My Mother 4:02
3. Have My Heart 2:16
4. Love Me Always 3:42
5. Memories & Jellybeans 5:06
6. To The Faithful Departed 4:33
7. You're Still Here 3:00
8. Genesis 4:27
9. Hippie Freaks 3:53
10. If You Need It 4:11
11. So Many Times 5:27
12. Stop Screaming Already 2:05

CD Bonus Track: Seasons (August)* 4:38

*Dedicated to August Maguire, and she knows why...for the passing seasons, and all the jellybeans we went through.

Seen on a bookstore display case in Shade's Mill local shopping mall:

Sale! Newcomer A. Maguire's first novel, Sometimes, inspired by Taylor Hanson...Soft cover, $5.99, Hardcover, $12.99

Opening comment for Seasons (August) at a Hanson concert at Paramount Canada's Wonderland on June 29, 1999:

"We all know you guys weren't too happy when you found out who August was, back in May on Jay Leno, but you love the song, so we have to say it...this goes out the girl who started it all, August. Thanks for everybody's patience..."

Excerpt from a letter to August Maguire, aged fifteen, from the head of Casa Nova books, dated July 17, 1999:

...and so, with the letter from Castle Rock productions, I should like to think that you would sell the book rights to have a screenplay written, from which we could make the movie based on your first novel, Sometimes. Please consider this, as it seems to be hot topic on Mr. Spielberg's list right now...

"Once bread becomes toast, it can never go back to being bread again."

-Michael J. Fox, Spin City

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