Chapter Seven

August opened her eyes. The sun was shining, but the air was chilled with the October air. She yawned, looking around, and began to wonder why her back was so cramped. She looked around, and found to her surprise [and secret delight] that she and Tay were cuddling face-to-face. She couldn't very well get up; she didn't want to wake him up. Fortunately, he opened his eyes before she could flip a coniption. He looked around when he noticed that he couldn't move his arm [as it was kind of around August at that point] and jumped. She skittered away, and he said,
"We were just sleeping, right? There's nothing wrong with sleeping, right? You can't really help what you do in your sleep," he babbled. Babble was definitely the right word. August sighed, and put her hand on his shoulder.
"Tay, we were just sleeping. Calm down."
He sighed in relief, relief at the fact that she hadn't minded. Minded? Hell no! It was more like she was enjoying it! She stood up. "Come on...I have to get do you...before either of your brothers notices this," she said quietly. He nodded, and followed her back into the room silently. That had been a close one...thank god neither Zac nor Ike had found them like that.

"You're kidding, right? Do you actually expect me to fit into those?" August looked at the pair of jeans in disgust. There was no possible way she was fitting into those damn things. The makeup girl looked at her, then realized August had a point.
"'re a size 7, not 3...sorry, hon."
August stopped when she caught her size right on, but didn't say anything. The girl came back with a different pair of jeans, a pair of size 7 that looked like they were gonna fit snug. She handed them to August, then disappeared in the rack and returned with a shirt. It was a shimmery tank top, the kind that made you look like Pamela Anderson's body double for BayWatch. It was dark blue and silver, and the girl handed her a tiny white t-shirt to go under it. She looked at them as though she had a few ideas on what the girl could do with them, but went and changed into them wordlessly. There was no way she was complaining about the clothes. The minute she came back, she was whisked away to be covered in makeup. Oh, boy.

Taylor was sitting on a couch, reading a magazine and drinking a can of Dr. Pepper, when August [or what he thought was August] appeared in front of him.
"Get a good're never going to see me like this again," she remarked, sitting down. He smiled.
"Oh, I don't know...I think it looks kinda good on you."
She whacked him upside the head.
"Don't do that," she said playfully. He pouted.
"You're no fun."

[About 6 hours later]
August sat down on the previously mentioned couch and pulled off one of the clunky suede boots that were so unlike her comfortable Docs. She sighed, extremely tired. Taylor collapsed beside her, and said,
"Well...that was interesting."
She fell back against the cushions, and yawned deeply.
"If you have to kiss me like that one more time today, I think I might just have to..."
He turned.
"You might just have to what?"
She turned to him, and replied with a mischievious grin,
"I might just have to kiss you back," she answered. He blushed.
"Really? Hmm...let me see if it works," he remarked, leaning forward. She grinned, but didn't bother stopping him. She just closed her eyes and didn't move until she could feel his lips pressing against hers. Sparks run up her spine, and she shivered. He pulled back, then said,
"So...are you going to keep your word, or did I just make an ass of myself?"
She shrugged.
"That depends..." but went to kiss him back anyway. Unfortunately...

"Oh, gross! Guys! Can't you do that in private?" Zac's voice cut like butter through the silence. August jumped, and fell off the couch. She landed hard on her wrist, and cursed under her breath. "Shit...shit, shit, shit..."
Taylor gave Zac a nasty look, and slid to his knees on the floor.
"You okay?"
August winced, but nodded.
"I'll be fine..."
She looked up at a now very guilty-looking Zac
. "I...I'm sorry," he said quietly. He looked so genuinely pissed at himself that she couldn't help it.
"It's okay...never mind."
Tay, however, had different ideas. He glared at Zac, then looked at August. She noticed the look they exchanged, but didn't say anything. She didn't want to start a fight between them.

"Sex, drugs, and rock & roll; speed, weed, and birth control; you live a while, then you die, so fuck the world and go get high."

-Brody Atkinson & Mike Bennett, numbskulls the author goes to school with...

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