Chapter Eight

August sat on the bed in her hotel room, thinking and watching the television in the corner. She sat back, watching Much America. It was on RSVP, and they were taking phone requests. She wasn't paying much attention, but jumped when she heard her name.
"I'd like to request Dammit by Blink 182, for my friend August Maguire...we all know how much she loves that song."
When the VJ asked her name, she replied,
"Stephanie Robertson...from Shade's Mill."
August burst out laughing. Oh, man, Steph, she thought. You are truly insane. August shook her head and went to turn off the television. She walked out on the balcony, and looked out. What the hell was she doing? She wanted Tay bad, and what was she doing? Hard to get. Of course, she thought. I'm missing the perfect opportunity because I'm too stubborn to say anything. She shook her ehad and sat down, rubbing the bruise at the back of her neck. She'd plastered on enough concealer to hide it, but it was starting to flake off. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. It was almost ten as it was, and she needed to get ot bed. She might as well take a shower while she was at it.

August pulled a pair of boxers on, and heard a knock at the door. So, with her hair up in a towel and dripping wet, she went to answer the door. Zac and Tay stood there, looking innocent.
"What would you like?" she asked, playing along. Apparently their little scrap had been patched up. Zac held up her necklace and rings, and Tay held up her wallet and diary, which meant they had to have come in while she was in the shower. She groaned, and asked,
"And just what is it going to take to get those back, might I ask?" Zac looked up with an evil little grin on his face.
" do have that huge bag of jellybeans that you brought with you..."
August shook her head.
"No way...those are mine. I am not giving up my jellybeans just to get some jewelery and a book back," she answered, shifting her little towel turban. Tay shrugged, and went to walk away, but August cracked.
"Okay, okay, okay. I'll give up half the jellybeans! Just give me my stuff!"
Zac reluctantly handed back the necklace and rings, and Tay forked over the book and wallet. It was too easy, she thought. Way too easy. "Okay, what's the catch?"
Tay shrugged innocently and looked up. Zac pulled a diskette from his pocket.
"Nothing...nothing at all..." he paused, and grinned diabolically.
"Nothing...except for the fact that we scanned your diary pages into Tay's laptop!" With that, he tore down the hall, with Tay hot on his tail. August just stood in the doorway, grinning to herself.
"Um...guys...wouldn't you like your wallets back? Or perhaps Tay's journal?"
They stopped dead in their tracks, and turned around slowly, to see her holding up said things. Zac slapped his forehead.
"Did I forget to tell you that I'm a professional at pick pocketing?"

"People! Stop saying we're dead! You're scaring our parents!"

-Lene, Aqua

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