The remains of the Hanson family was a mess when they heard that Taylor had been killed. Mackie and ZoŽ didnít understand what was going on, and had to have it explained to them that Taylor wasnít ever coming back. When they did understand, though, it was much worse...they took it hard. Jessie and Avie had somehow expected, though, that it would happen. They couldnít explain why, but they had expected it. Isaac didnít take it badly on the outside, but on the inside he ached for the best friend he was never going to see again. But Zac, he took it the very worst. He nearly killed himself when he found out, but kept himself from it when he realized his death would tear the family apart completely. As customary, the military held services for the two brave young officers who had died for the freedom of their world, and Taylor and Veronica were buried, side by side, with matching headstones and the whole bit.

The Germans kept their promise, and world peace was achieved. Piece by piece, the world started to grow again, and life regrouped itself. Things were never going to be the same, but it looked promising. Millions of girls all over the globe mourned for their beloved Taylor, but not one of them ever really knew why they were mourning him...most of them were doing it because he had been such a heartthrob that it had ended up like Kurt Cobain. Dawn, Veronicaís best friend, kept the one promise she had made to Veronica earlier, and kept her web page going, in memory of both her and Taylor. She never stopped writing about Hanson, and she never stopped writing about Veronica. Later, when she was twenty, she was published. It was the story of Taylor and Veronica, named, appropriately, With You in Your Dreams. It was on the best selling charts for three years, and landed Dawn a great career as a writer. She later met Zac and married him, and had three children, Taylor Adrian, Veronica Danielle, and Jacey Louise.

Hanson came back after a few years, with Jessica playing the keyboards in place of her older brother. They stayed the super-popular group theyíd always been, and topped the music charts for years afterwards, even after that huge news event when a gang killed the Moffatts while in New York. Taylor was later to be put placed with honors in a celebrity hall of fame, among the greats, where he belonged...right up there with Princess Diana, Jerry Garcia, Mother Theresa, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and the lead singer of Queen.

"Sometimes the little voice in the back of your head actually has some truth behind it. Listen to your gut every now and then, and it may just save you from something really regrettable later."

- V. Maloney

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