Happiness released today!
Tuesday Sept 21 1999
OLP's third studio album was released today in Canada, so go pick it up, it's amazing! Don't forget to request One Man Army on radio stations everywhere and on Much Music!

Huge news update!
Sunday Sept 5 1999
  • Word on Much Music is that OLP will be performing One Man Army at this years MMVA's. The show will be on Sept 23rd at 8pm EST.
  • Watch for the One Man Army video premiere hopefully this Wednesday Sept 8th on Much Music. MTV should get hold of the video sometime next week.
  • Starting Tuesday, September 7, if you pre-order Happiness... online, you will recieve an army patch! Check out ourladypeace.com for details

  • Onlne chat with OLP
    Friday August 27 1999
    On Monday September 13th, 7pm EST, there will be a live chat put on by Clumsy Congress and OLP.com with none other that OLP! There will be an unveiling of sorts to a new look for the site, including the addition of a chat room. It'll involve a live chat with the whole band shown webwide via webcam.

    Listen to One Man Army online
    Friday July 30 1999
    One Man Army is now available as part of an hour long Real Audio segment at ourladypeace.com! Check it out!

    More album/touring news
    Thursday July 29 1999
    From Transparent Humans - "The band is currently filming the video for "One Man Army". The director for this video is Mark Kohr, who has directed many of the Green Day videos. More information and digital pictures will be available soon at the ourladypeace.com site."
    - "One Man Army" to be heard on Canadian radio the week of August 4th, and on American ones starting August 10th
    - There's a new Crack in the Pavement with Mike's comments on Woodstock available at ourladypeace.com
    - The "One Man Army Winnebago" will be stopping at 17 major american radio stations offering fans the chance to hear the single 'One Man Army' before its release. Details at ourladypeace.com
    - U.S. Tour ~ Late September - Mid Nov ~ with Creed and Oleander

    Belly Flop Communist
    Monday July 19 1999
    OLP have been warming up for their Woodstock show by doing some small club dates in the Toronto area. July 17th, they played at the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St., under the band name "Belly Flop Communist." Keep on the lookout as they'll be touring through the summer!

    Album and Single release dates
    Wednesday July 7 1999
    97.7 HTZ FM in Southern Ontario has made an official announcement regarding Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch. The album will be released Tuesday, September 21st with the first single, "One Man Army" premiering on Wednesday, August 11th, 1999.

    Duncan talks about new album
    Monday June 14 1999
    There is a new Crack in the Pavement with Duncan dishing out some huge news on the new album. Hear it yourself here or check out my Happiness... page for all the latest new album info.

    "Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch"
    Wednesday May 26 1999
    Yes it's true, OLP's album is no longer nameless, but will be called "Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You
    Can Catch". This is taken from a lyric in the new song "Happiness and the Fish". Read the article here or in my articles section.

    Top 99 Albums of '99 Contest
    Thursday April 29 1999
    Chart Magazine is having a  Top 99 Albums Of The '90s Contest! Go go and vote for your favorite bands (can we say OLP, OLP and OLP???). The official list will appear in a special section of Chart's July 1999 issue, just in time for Edgefest.

    OLP to do Woodstock '99
    Tuesday April 20 1999
    OLP is officially slated to perform at this years MASSIVE Woodstock '99 festival July 23 - 25 at Griffiss Park, NY! Other bands include Aerosmith, Bush, The Chemical Brothers, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters, Korn, Live, Metallica, The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Sugar Ray and The Tragically Hip. Wow. Bus, air, hotel and ticket packages are available.*Note - the band's set will be on the 25th from 2:20 - 3:20pm.

    No Summersault '99!
    Friday April 16 1999
    There will be no Summersault '99. The band has decided that with they wouldn't have time to do it properly, with the long hours being put in to finish their album. It is possible that there will be a Summersault '00, when they have more time to put together a great show. To hear more from Raine himself, go to OLP.com.

    Canadian Musician Magazine
    Saturday April 3 1999
    Ourladypeace.net have given word that in this month's Canadian Musician Magazine, OLP have been mentioned twice.
    They are included in a summary of 20 years in Canadian Music, as well as in a reprint of a 1992 article noting them as new canadian talent.

    Guest Drummer on new album
    Saturday March 6 1999
    Jeremy announced in the Cracks in the Pavement interview that his hero, jazz drummer Elvin Jones, came into the studio to record some tracks. Expect to hear him on the new album...Jeremy said that they were blown away by this man's skill. Remember to keep checking the new album page for updates.

    OLP to do show of the Millennium
    Friday February 12 1999
    It's time to make plans for new years 2000! Our Lady Peace, along with many other bands (including Moist), will be doing a show from the Corel Centre in Ottawa. More info is found at http://www.corelcentre.com/acts/olp-99.html. Buy soon for discounts and availablility!

    Mike talks on CITP
    Sunday January 31 1999
    There is a new Cracks in the Pavement Real Audio segment at ourladypeace.com with Mike talking about where the band is now in the process of making their new album

    Rare OLP merchandise
    Saturday January 23 1999
    There is an on-line auction available at ebay.com with some rare OLP merchandise.

    PPU video and newsletter
    Monday January 4 1999
    The most recent "Christmas 1998" issue of the PPU newsletter comes with a video of OLP in their new studio, performing a rough sketch of what could end up being a song on the upcoming record. It also includes holiday greetings from the band, and a clip of Sol Fox reading the poem "Our Lady Peace", as shown throughout the arena tour last year.

    OLP in Much's Favorite Videos of 1998
    Saturday January 2 1999
    OLP were #29 with their video for 4am in this weekend's Much Music's "Your Favorite Videos of 1998"

    Send a holiday postcard
    Saturday December 19 1998
    Want to send an official OLP holiday greeting card? Then just follow this link to ourladypeace.com!

    Vote for your Favorite Video
    Wednesday December 9 1998
    You can now vote for OLP's video for 4am in Much Music's Favorites of 1998 (That one is the only one that came out this year). The winners will be shown on January 1st. So go vote and let's get OLP way up on the chart!

    Jam! Magazine Article
    Wednesday November 25  1998
    Karen Bliss from Jam! has written a new article on the progress of OLP's new album. Read it here.

    Circus Magazine Article
    Friday November 20  1998
    OLP have a two page article in this month's Circus magazine, where Raine and Jeremy talk about Naveed, success ect. Unfortunately, no info on the new album, but it's good exposure for them in the states. Read it here.

    A couple of compilations
    Wednesday Oct 21 1998
    Starseed is featured on Toronto's radio station "The Edge"'s compilation CD titled "To The Edge and Back". It includes bands such as  I Mother Earth, Radiohead and Sloan. There is also saw a CD put out by Sony for Sony artists which contains Naveed.

    Much Music Video Awards Results
    Thursday Sept 24 1998
    At the MMVA tonight, OLP was nominated for the People's Choice of Favorite Group...which they won! Mike accepted the award, saying that the band was going to disappear for a while to write the new album.

    4am single available
    Saturday Sept 19 1998
    The single for 4am can now be ordered fromcdsingle.com. It is $8 and includes the CD version, radio mix, and two promotional call-outs of the song.

    MMVA98 announced
    Friday Sept 11 1998
    New info for the 1998 Much Music Video Awards says that OLP will be performing at the show. They are also nominated for favorite group and probably a few others.

    Summersault is now officially on!
    Sunday June 28th 1998
    After waiting and waiting to find out if this festival would even be on, it is now official that yes, Our Lady Peace have planned out and are ready to go with their Summersault tour. It consists of bands that Raine, Mike, Duncan and Jeremy have met along the way, on their the road to canadian and international success. They include Garbage, I Mother Earth, Moist, Sloan, and the Crystal Method. An official website for the festival can be found at http://www.summersault98.com.
    "When you are lucky enough to travel around with your music, it is always nice to sit back and reflect on the road that brought you to where you are standing. By watching, playing with and getting to know other musicians, we feel that we have been able to continue to learn and grow ourselves." - Raine Maida
    How did these bands meet up?
    Garbage - This spring, 1998, while in Europe, the band bumped into them in a hotel lobby. They all decided that it would be fun to do a big show together. Garbage will be on the main stage August 23rd.
    I Mother Earth - Our Lady Peace did their first national tour with this fellow canadian band, and have ever since been good friends. It will be IME's first show with new singer Brian Byrn, set in the middle of the recording of a new album.
                              Moist - Unfortunately, this band never made the Edgefest tour last year, so this seemed like a good opportunity to get together and play.
    Sloan - originating from the Maritimes, they just had to join their friends on the bill.
    The Crystal Method - After doing some american festivals together, this band will definitely add some good diversity to Summersault. In fact, they are even closing the show at Molson Park.
    Summersault '98 dates
    Aug. 23 - Molson Park, Barrie, ON
    Sept. 3 - Bowring Park, St. John's, NFLD
    Sept. 5 - Shediac Can-Am Speedway, Parlee Beach, NB
    Tickets go on sale this Saturday, July 4 at 10:00 a.m. for $35.00, although a limited number of early bird
    tickets are available for $29.50.

    Starseed Remix
    Friday June 26th 1998
    A special version of Starseed, remixed by Kevin Shirley, can be found on the Armageddon soundtrack. Other artists include Chantal Kreviazuk and Aerosmith. The album is in stores on June 30, and the movie in theatres on July 1. You can buy the cd here for a good price, especially if you live in the states.

    OLP merchandise
    Thursday June 11th 1998
    Official merchandise is now on sale at www.olp-swag.com.

    ...Die europäischen "Sprünge in der Plasterung" sein online
    Friday May 29th 1998
    English translation: New European Cracks in the Pavement are online.

    Another ourladypeace.com contest
    Thursday May 14th 1998
    Here's a new OLP contest where you can win a spot on the guest list for one of the European Dates. The only catch is that you have to find your own way there. Go to the contest section for more information and to enter.

    Jeff Buckley Tribute
    Thursday April 30th 1998
    Our Lady Peace played at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, and included in their setlist a cover of the late Jeff Buckley's "Eternal Life."  In the audience were members of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Black Crowes.

    Results of the Junos
    Wednesday March 22 1998
    Today was the Juno awards, and despite Sarah McLachlan's big sweep, the guys managed to pick up 2 of the 7 awards that they were nominated for. Unfortunatly, Raine's had pinched a nerve in his neck, a reoccuring injury, and instead of accepting awards and performing, he was stuck lying down in a Vancouver hospital. Up until just before the show started, Mike, Duncan and Jeremy were trying to find a way for it to work, for them to be able to perform, but it wasn't possible. They won the fan voted Blockbuster Rock Album Of The Year award, and the one for Group of the Year. A couple RA interviews from after the show with Duncan on the awards and Sarah.

    Clumsy gone Gold in the States
    Wednesday March 11th 1998
    500,000 albums sold in the U.S., and Clumsy is Gold! 

    Cracks in the Pavement cont.
    Thursday March 5th 1998
    Yes, it's back. The cracks in the pavement will continue for the U.S. tour, with weekly Real Audio reports by all 4 guys.

    Rolling Stone site
    Wednesday March 4th 1998
    Rolling Stone has a good site up on OLP...go take a look.

    More Spotlight
    Wednesday March 4th 1998
    Upcoming spotlight (2 parter) on March 11th and 12th. 

    The Most Important People in New Music
    Friday February 20th 1998
    OLP is on the cover the March issue of Shift Magazine, where they are THE most important people in new music. 

    Reporter for a day results
    Wednesday February 4th 1998
    Jeff Swanson, winner of the OLP contest has a full report with pictures and everything. Check it out!

    It's Juno time in Vancouver
    Tuesday January 27th 1998
    The 27th annual Juno awards are being held this year in Vancouver at GM place, at 5pm local time, March 22nd. OLP is nominated for a whopping 7 awards - Blockbuster Rock Album of the year (which is voted on by fans), Best Selling Album, Single of the Year (Clumsy), Album of the Year, Group of the Year, Producer of the Year (Arnold Lanni - Superman's Dead and Clumsy), and Album Design (Alex Wittholz, Felix Wittolz, Catherine McRae (creative directors), Kevin Westenberg (photographer)). And, after all this, they will be performing! Juno beat has all the info.

    4am video premiere
    Friday January 23th 1998
    The shot-in-L.A. video is done, and premiering today anytime after 2pm...so just watch MuchMusic all day.

    Favorite Videos of All Time
    Tuesday January 13th 1998
    Well, the results are in, for your favorite videos of all time. Here's how OLP did:
    Superman's Dead #5
    Clumsy #22
    Naveed #33
    Automatic Flowers #47

    Sci-Fi in Hi-Fi
    Tuesday January 13th 1998
    Find out what truth the band really believes is out there, on a MuchMusic special, January 20th.

    Online, Live and Personal with OLP
    Friday January 9th 1998
    Sunday January 18th at 5pm Eastern, OLP is going to be doing a webcast via Real Audio and a webcam. Fans will get their questions answered from a secret Toronto location, by phone, e-mail and in person. This is as good of a chance as ever...get OLP now! This event is archived here.

    Cracks in the Pavement
    Tuesday December 23th 1997
    Steve Warden is going to follow the band around for the arena tour (from Jan 5th to the 26th), and give us fans daily reports, pictures and other info. It all starts here. There are also some Radio Reports.

    Digital Notes from the Road
    Monday December 8th 1997
    Thanks to Mediadome, OLP is equipped with everything they need to keep in touch with their fans while on tour. The guys will be sending e-mail and pictures on what's going on.

    MuchMusic spotlight
    Monday December 8th 1997
    Again OLP is going to be featured, on December 30th, MuchMusic.

    New and Improved Clumsy Congress
    Friday December 5th 1997
    Clumsy Congress is better than ever. Talk to OLP fans around the world about your favorite band, choosing from dozens of topics.

    Yahoo Chat
    Thursday December 4th 1997
    OLP did a live chat on Yahoo! archived here.

    Concert Flics shot
    Sunday November 30th 1997
    Today, in preparation for the Arena Tour, OLP directed and shot some short films in a Toronto warehouse, to show during and in between songs. Saul Fox (who's on the cover of both albums) was featured doing crazy stuff like reciting poetry, wearing a cape, painting himself yadda yadda yadda. Some pics are up on the official site

    Monday November 24th 1997
    An amazing OLP contest, where the winner gets to be Online Reporter for the January 16th concert in Ottawa. You get to follow them around, see the soundcheck and hang out backstage. Deadline is Dacember 8th, and you need to write in 100 words why they should choose you. Go to contests in ourladypeace.com for all the info.

    Beavis and Butthead
    Wednesday November 12th 1997
    So it was a rerun but who cares? Yet again Beavis and Butthead were 'intelligently analyzing' OLP's video for 'Starseed'. hehehe.huh.

    Irving Plaza
    Tuesday November 11th 1997
    Tonights show with Everclear will be broadcast at 8pm Eastern at irvingplaza.com

    Sold Out
    Tuesday October 28th 1997
    One day is all it took for Our Lady Peace to sell out the January 17th show at Maple Leaf Gardens...and the same results are expected across Canada. To think that one year ago they were doing small clubs!

    Much Music Online Chat
    Thursday October 23th 1997
    On Friday October 24th at 4pm eastern, OLP will be doing an online chat at MuchMusic.

    Arena Tour Announced
    Monday October 20th 1997
    OLP announced a massive Canadian arena tour, including a show at Maple Leaf Gardens! Well, we knew this day would come. All I have to say is 'wow!'. 

    Monday October 13th 1997
    OLP is on the cover of this issue, and there is also a feature at www.pollstar.com.

    #1 again
    Friday October 10th 1997
    Once again OLP is up where they belong, at the top of the MuchMusic countdown.

    MTV Chat
    Wednesday October 1st 1997
    Today was MTV's online chat with the band, that drew more than 500 people. The transcript is available directly from the MTV site

    Conan performance
    Wednesday October 1st 1997
    OLP will perform SD tonight at 12:35am on NBC, on Late Night with Conan O'Brian.

    U.S. Everclear Tour
    Tuesday September 23rd 1997
    From the end of the month right up to December 1st, OLP will be touring the states with Everclear.

    MMVA 1997
    Thursday September 18th, 1997
    The Much Music Video Awards took place today in Toronto. Our Lady Peace won both People's Choice nominations - 'Favorite Video' (Superman's Dead) and 'Favorite Group'. When they accepted the award for 'Favorite Video', the band was accompanied by the boy from Superman's Dead, Ryan Dennis. They also performed that song to finish off the night. Full recap of the show is at MuchMusic

    'Clumsy' featured on soundtrack
    Wednesday September 17th 1997
    OLP single 'Clumsy' will be featured on the soundtrack of the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer". The album will be released October 14th and the film three days later.

    Live from the Troubadour
    Tuesday August 19th 1997
    Tonight, live from L.A. at 8pm Pacific, OLP will be live doing interviews, with Real Audio and a Webcam. Toll free call-in access from 1-888-SIREN-97 (U.S.) or 310-271-8307 anywhere else.
    Some pictures can be found at the official site.

    Second OLP Spotlight
    Tuesday August 19th 1997
    Next Tuesday (the 26th) and Wednesday (the 27th), MuchMusic will be airing a 2 part OLP spotlight.

     MuchMusic Video Awards People's Choice nominations
    Wednesday July 30th 1997
    Nominations from the upcoming MMVA have been announced...and OLP have four! This of course includes those ever popular People's Choice awards. Our Lady Peace is nominated for both 'Favorite Group' and 'Favorite Video'. Vote for them at the MuchMusic site. The third is for George Vale (Superman's Dead). They will also be performing one song...get those VCRs set for Thursday September 18th at 8pm eastern.

    Video shot for 'Automatic Flowers'
    Tuesday July 15th 1997
    Our Lady Peace themselves, for the first time, directed their 3rd video off of Clumsy. Filmed in a rehearsal room in Toronto, it's nice and simple. 

    U.S. tour
    Monday May 26th 1997
    From now until July 26th, OLP will be touring the U.S., performing in clubs and doing radio specials. 

    Summersault 1997
    Monday May 26th 1997
    As a warmup to Edgefest, OLP will be in London, Ontario with I Mother Earth, the Tea Party, the Age of Electric and Finger 11 for Summersault '97 on June 26th at the Western Fair Grandstand. Pictures from the event can be found at OLP's official site, in tour experience

    Model Citizens: Our Lady Peace
    May 1997
    Our Lady Peace are on the cover of Access Magazine this month, in an article titled "Model Citizens"

    Our Lady Peace to headline Edgefest 1997
    Monday April 21st 1997
    Our Lady Peace has accepted the headlining role at Edgefest, a Canadian outdoor music festival. The tour starts at Barrie's Molson Park on June 28th, and will cover Canada cleanly before finishing Sept.1st in Winnipeg. Other bands on the bill are the Tea Party, I Mother Earth, Collective Soul, the Age of Electric, and Econoline Crush.

    MuchMusic's #1 Video: Superman's Dead
    Friday April 4th 1997
    After 10 weeks of heavy rotation on MuchMusic, 'Superman's Dead' has reached #1 on the countdown.

    'Clumsy' video shot
    Tuesday March 18th
    The video for the title track of the album, Clumsy, was shot today by director Matt Mahurin.

    MuchMusic spotlight announced
    Tuesday February 18th
    Our Lady Peace will be doing a spotlight on MuchMusic on February 27th.

    Clumsy gone Platinum
    Tuesday February 18th
    It's been under a month, and OLP's 2nd album 'Clumsy' has already gone platinum. Congratulations!

    Transparent Humans Radio Hour announced
    Thursday January 30th 1997
    On Wednesday February 12th, from 10-11pm eastern, the band is doing a special entitled 'The Transparent Humans Radio Hour With Our Lady Peace', hosted by John Stewart. There will be interviews, fan call-ins, music from Clumsy and even an acoustic performance. If you have a question for the band, write to SonyMusicCanada@Sonymusic.com, or call in during the event at 1-888-308-9455 to chat live!

    Clumsy Released
    Monday January 27th 1997
    After a long delay, full of studio work and experimentation, Our Lady Peace's second album was released. It's called 'Clumsy', because of it's forgiving connotation.

    'Superman's Dead' video released
    Monday January 20th 1997
    The video for 'Superman's Dead' is finished, and has been added to heavy rotation on MuchMusic, and medium rotation on MusiquePlus.

    'Superman's Dead' video shoot
    Friday January 3rd to Sunday January 5th 1997
    OLP shot the video for their first single of Clumsy (set for release Jan 21), 'Superman's Dead' in an old, abandoned Toronto warehouse. Because it had not been heated since the mid-80's, it was FREEZING cold inside! But, the guys pulled through, and it should be ready around the end of January.

    First single of new album released
    Monday December 16th 1996
    The first single from OLP's upcoming album, Clumsy, was released today to Canadian radio. The song is titled Superman's Dead.

    From the Clumsy era and beyond :)
    You can also check out Buzzwords OLP news/tours and Ourladypeace.net for some great updates

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