Our Lady Peace Sounds

Here are some wav, Real Audio and midi Our Lady Peace song clips. The album files are all linked to ourladypeace.com. I edited the non-album wavs/RAs myself. If any of my sounds don't work please e-mail me, and if it's a Real Audio, please also try again later as it is a crappy server and seems to not work 100% of the time. Unreleased (possible) song clips from the new album can be found here.
Please do not link to or put these on your own pages without permission. This goes especially for the Real Audios because it slows down the server for everyone else, and they end up not working. Feel free to link directly to this page if you want. Thanks.

Non Album
Out of Here 380kb wav Real Audio
The Needle and the Damage Done 464kb wav Real Audio
Tomorrow Never Knows  460kb wav Real Audio
Superman's Dead acoustic live in Q101 492kb wav RA with interview
Clumsy acoustic live in Z95.3 506kb wav Real Audio
Trapeze 15secs but better than nothing! 118kb wav Real Audio
Sol Fox reciting the poem "Our Lady Peace" - 864kb wav  Real Audio

Originals of cover songs
Dear Prudence ~ The Beatles - 460kb wav Real Audio *bad quality because it comes from a record*
Eternal Life ~ Jeff Buckley - 464kb wav Real Audio

Live Song Intros
Clumsy (from Live at the Troubador) - 195kb wav Real Audio
Car Crash (from Live at the Troubadour) - 770kb wav Real Audio

These links need to be fixed because of olp.com's site remodeling...hopefully they'll be up soon
Naveed                                           Clumsy
the Birdman (415kb) Real Audio Superman's Dead (566kb) Real Audio
Supersatellite (633kb) Real Audio Automatic Flowers (593kb) Real Audio
Starseed (425kb) Real Audio Carnival (451kb) Real Audio
Hope (609kb) Real Audio Big Dumb Rocket (466kb) Real Audio
Naveed (639kb) Real Audio 4am (562kb) Real Audio
Dirty Walls (530kb) Real Audio Shaking (465kb) Real Audio
Denied (410kb) Real Audio Clumsy (555kb) Real Audio
Is it Safe? (460kb) Real Audio Hello Oskar (377kb) Real Audio
Julia (367kb) Real Audio Let You Down (396kb) Real Audio
Under Zenith (394kb) Real Audio The Story of 100 Aisles (384kb) Real Audio
Neon Crossing (356kb) Real Audio Car Crash (418kb) Real Audio


(it may be just me but I find them hilarious)
Tomorrow Never Knows
Dear Prudence
Superman's Dead

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