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STANTON, Patrick. If we are correct, Patrick was born circa 1805 in the Castlebar region of County Mayo, we think his wife may have been Mary (surname unknown), also from this area and born circa 1816, this Patrick was a weaver. Though we are not certain about the information in the first sentence we do know that Patrick and his wife left for England during the Potato Famine. They eventually reached Stockport and in June 1852 Patrick was involved in the riots which took place between the English and Irish, he sustained injuries of three cuts to the head. In the courthouse on 30 June 1852 he was discharged on his own recognisance of "Five Pound Stirling" along with 73 other injured prisoners. The story goes that Patrick then left England for America, possibly Boston. No further information is known of him.

Children of Patrick Stanton and his wife:-

STANTON, Patrick. Born circa 1835 in Castlebar area of County Mayo. Left Ireland with his family at the time of the Potato Famine and settled in Stockport. Married Mary McDermod (Dermody) 1st quarter 1855 (at Manchester Register Office or registrar attended), Mary was born circa 1838 in County Mayo. We understand Mary died within 18 months of the birth of her daughter Ann in March 1866 so we assume she had died by September 1867. Patrick worked as an agricultural labourer then as a cotton mill labourer. We believe Patrick may have left England and joined his father in America around 1867/8.

If we are correct with our information regarding Patrick Stanton (snr) then the following children will be from the same family.

STANTON, Bridget. Born circa 1842 in County Mayo, Ireland.

STANTON, Mary. Born circa 1844 in County Mayo, Ireland.

STANTON, Sarah. Born circa 1849 in County Mayo, Ireland.

Children of Patrick Stanton and Mary McDermod (Dermody):-

STANTON, Michael. Born 7 February 1856 at Etchells Street, Stockport, married Sarah Ann Walker circa September 1878 in Leeds. In 1881 he was living at 42 Mill Street, Leeds, with his wife, two children and mother-in-law, Mary Ann Walker. Michael was a traveller, we believe with a travelling fairground or circus.

STANTON, Ellen. Born 1 January 1860 at Etchells Street, Stockport.

STANTON, Mary. Born 21 March 1861 at 3 Etchells Street, Stockport. On the 1881 census there was a Mary Stanton living in Denton, she was in the service of William Brown of 232 Manchester Road or Street. According to the census she was then aged 20 and was born in Stockport, (this would match up with the Mary Stanton we are searching for). Mary married a Frenchman by the name of Mathias Francois, married at Roman Catholic Church of St. Charles Borromeo, Ogle Street, 3 March 1894. They then lived in London until Mary died sometime between 1935 and 1938. Francois and Mary had four children that we are aware of.

STANTON, John. Born 20 August 1863 at Etchells Street, Stockport. John emigrated to the USA, sailing from Liverpool on 21 September 1893 and became a naturalized citizen on 29 November 1900 before the Second District Court of Bristol, Fall River, Massachusetts. John was married to Mary E. Bradley, born circa 1871 in Stockport, they had one adopted daughter, Catherine. We believe Mary and John did not have any children of their own.

STANTON, Ann. Born 3 March 1866 at 2 Etchells Street, Stockport, married to James Brown, date and location of marriage unknown. In 1881 Ann was living and working as a servant at 42 Mill Street, Leeds, for Mary Ann Walker. Ann's brother Michael was living at the same address with his wife Sarah Ann Walker and their children. Ann eventually left Leeds and set up a small eating house in the Hulme area of Manchester. Ann lived at 43 Carlisle Street, Chorlton, during her marriage, then at 1014 Tenth Street, Trafford Park where she died 21 January 1949. At some point Ann and James either seperated or divorced but we are not sure which. James and Ann had two children.

Children of Michael Stanton and Sarah Ann Walker:-

STANTON, Mary Ann. Born circa 1879 in Leeds. From family stories I believe Mary Ann may have married a man named Jack who had previously lived in America. They had a small corner shop in the Hulme area of Manchester, believed to have been located on Erskine Street.

STANTON, Downey. Born circa August 1880 in Leeds.

STANTON, John. Born circa August 1887 in Leeds.

Children of Mathias Francois and Mary Stanton:-

Francois, Ernest. Born circa 1895 in Marylebone, London.

Francois, Annie (Cicey). Born circa 1896 in Marylebone, London.

Francois, Marrie. Born circa 1899 in Marylebone, London.

Francois, Catheline. Born circa 1902 in Walworth, London.

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