Available Bootlegs Featuring Rare And Unreleased Material

Note: This page is by no means a complete list of bootlegs, so if you want to send me details of any bootlegs you know of, then please do.

I have had a lot of people asking me about where to get these bootlegs,
and I suggest trying independent music sales, details of these can be
found in music magazines etc..
If you really need one of these tapes, you could also try going to web
pages that specialise in the trade of bootlegs, try searching for them
in Yahoo! or wherever. Why not search eBay or Napster etc...
CD Bootlegs

An Evening With...

Paris 1995

Kiss The Stone
Dave Grohl Demos
Enter The Dragon
Red Sun
RSCD 006

Fighting the 'N' factor
Foo Fighters At The Roxy - Hollywood 7-27-95
Foo Radio
Tracks 1-12 at The Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada, April 3, 1996.
Tracks 13-16 at The Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, December 17, 1995
1.This Is A Call 2.Winnebago 3.Wattershed 4.For All The Cows 5.Weenie Beenie 6.Butterflies 7.Big Me 8.Good Grief 9.Podunk 10.How I Miss You 11.Alone+Easy Target 12.I'll Stick Around 13.Gas Chamber 14.This Is A Call 15.I'll Stick Around 16.Floaty
Fooking Great
Good Grief
Howling Wind
Long Live Grunge
Recorded at Manchester Apollo, UK (25 May 1997)
1. Wind Up 2.Wattershed 3.Hey Johnny Park! 4.Monkey Wrench 5.Alone + Easy Target 6.Doll 7.See You 8.My Poor Brain 9.For All The Cows 10.Enough Space 11.Big Me 12.Weenie Beenie 13.Feburary Stars 14.Everlong 15.New Way Home 16.This Is A Call 17.Up In Arms 18.I'll Stick Around
Pocketwatch Demos
Reading '95 & Unreleased Demos
The Demo Tapes
Kiwi Records
The demo tape for the first release. Features Greg Dulli from Afgan Whigs.
Tough Fighters
Tuneful Chaos
Up Against!
Weenie Beenie
We Will Rock You
Tracks 1-17 at Brixton Acadamy, London, UK (23 November 1997) Tracks 18-20 at Apollo, Manchester, UK (25 May 1997)
1. Intro 2.This Is A Call 3.Hey, Johnny Park! 4.Alone + Easy Target 5.Monkey Wrench 6.Doll 7.See You 8.My Poor Brain 9.Enough Space 10.Big Me 11.The Colour And The Shape 12.For All The Cows 13.Gas Chamber 14.Up In Arms 15.Weenie Beenie 16.Everlong 17.New Way Home 18.Wattershed 19.February Stars 20.I'll Stick Around
We'll Stick Around
With Compliments To Eddie
Kiwi Records
Features Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder
Kiss The Stone


Private Recordings

Pocketwatch Demos
Rare recordings Dave made before he started the Foo Fighters.
  • Pokey Little Puppy
  • Petrol CB
  • Friend Of A Friend
  • Throwing Needles
  • Just Another About Skeeter Thompson
  • Colour Pictures Of A Marigold (Marigold by Nirvana)
  • Hell's Garden
  • Winnebago (early version)
  • Bruce
  • Milk

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