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-Boazanian Geology

Taken from © 1979 Questor International, Inc.
(The Philippine publication which still owes me and my brother 8 issues)


    The eighth planet of the Boazanian Star Cluster. Seat of the Boazanian Star Empire (Empire of the Horn). The Imperial Court is located here. It houses all administrative functions of the Empire.

    Due to the enlightened reign of Makron XII, Boazania avoided the disaster of becoming an all-steel city world. Today, Boazania is as natural as it ever was and retains most of her natural-life support systems.


    The planet is divided into feudal zones and sectors. Each member of the Nobility has an administrative function. They are also represented or allowed to appear at the Imperial Court from time to time.

    The population is estimated at 15 trillion. Boazanians are divided into two classes: the Horned Class and the Non-Horned Class. The presence of a pair of horns respresents the higher class. The Non-Horned Class is a subservient and slave grouping. They are not free men, are not allowed to have any possessions and cannot marry unless permitted by their Masters.

    Slaves perform 97.3 percent of all manual labor in Boazania. Most of the work in Boazania is agricultural in nature. Other types of work performed by slaves are as servants, messengers, clerks, etc. Boazania is self-sufficient in food.

    Very few industries exist in Boazania. Mahcinery and technology are developed in other planets of the Boazanian Star Cluster. Industrial products are imported from other planets.

    Primarily, Boazania offers many resorts, pleasures and other entertainment activities. It is a vacation spot with a rating of .83, making it ideal as a tourist planet.


    The emergence of Boazania as a stellar force in the Galaxy was made possible during the reign of Hakkor IV. Development of rocket propulsion enabled Boazania to reach other planets in her solar system. Too cumbersome and too impractical to continue, plans for the explorations of Space were shelved.

    Intra-Stellar Drive was perfected during latter years of Hakkorian rule. Although still too slow and crude, "Generation" ships were effected due to growing Boazanian population (Slave Population increased at the phenomenal rate of 23.32 per year). "Generation" ships would take decades to reach the next stellar system thus people would die and be born along the trip.

    Leap to the Inter-Stellar Drive, The Drive was powered by light converted into electromagnetic propulsion augmented by the discovery of Graadar Warns. Plotted by Grad Zeegar, excursions into deep space tripled because of these discoveries.

    Unfortunately, Chrono-Spatio development was not applicalbe to arms and weaponry. Boazania developed more conventional weapons, progressing along the lines of atomics and nucleics. Eons ahead of Earth, by the time they invaded Earth, Boazania's military might was far more sophisticated and powerful.

    Creation of Beast Fighters was the height of Boazanian War Machines. In reality, the Beast Fighters were gigantic robot-cybernauts. They came to life with the transplantation of Boazanian minds into the robots' computers.

    The Boazanian Beast Fighters made Boazania invincible and more than the match of any other civilization in the Galaxy. Thus, their explorations were supported by an equally powerful and destructive military force.

    Centra Galaktika was brought under the rule of the Boazanian Empire. In 1994, Boazania reached the Periphery, Earth was the first of the Outer Worlds to be invaded.

    The invasion of the Earth was supposed to be the easiest conquest for the Boazanians. However, this was not true.


Location Parameter 73, Sector 17, Boazanian Star Cluster Centra Galaktika
Distance 14,000 Light Years from Earth
16,000 Light Years from the Galaxy's Center
Chrono-spatio Coordinates 13.67
Diameter 139,000 miles
Gravitational Constant 1.72 G5 (normal)
Atmosphere H2O compound
Composition 42.8947
Weather Variable (Boazania has seven seasons)
Climate Positive
Viability Negative 72 (Humans need antigravity appliances)
Travel Time 7 weeks (Earth Standard)

*Mnemonic Chronicles, Reco-Dat Division,
Ministry of Mnemonics, Vol. VIII, Spectra, Sector 73,
Terra-Galaktika, 3275 G-E (Galactic Era), Tapes 41-73



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