V O L T E S   V
created: May 8, 1999.

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My Voltes V Page. Enuff said.


VOLTtall.jpg (17281 bytes) Height: 58 m
Weight: 600 tons
Flying Speed: Mach 20
Pressure Power: 2000 tons
Energy: Electromagnetic Energy
Assembly Time: 8.0 seconds
Assembly Time after Power-Up Ultramagucon
                                 was Implanted: 6.8 seconds.

  Voltes V was created by Tadao Nagahama, and this is an unofficial homepage.  I humbly thank all the websites that I gathered Voltes V data from.  Some files were originally scanned by me, sources from other webpages are duly accredited in the credits/links section, enjoy!

    Voltes V was first broadcast on TV Asahi on June 4, 1977 and lasted 40 episodes until March 25, 1978.  Voltes was broadcast in a dubbed (english) version  in the Philippines in that year.

    This site is dedicated to my cute nieces and nephews: Alf, Carla, Audrey, Angel, Saundres, Earll, Camille, Ken, Matthew and Marc


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Project Hercules
The Birth of Voltes V


In the beginning, the defense system was planned to be in the form of a huge and gigantic robot that carried a number of special weapons. Design specifications by Dr. Armstrong change his plan. Instead of creating one defense system, Dr Armstrong suggested the creation five separate and independent defense system which could with each other to form a sixth defense system which incorporate the five previous one to make a powerhouse defense system.

The members of PROJECT-HERCULES immediately went to work. For several years, the scientists worked feverishly. Throughout all the stages of development, giant leaps in technology were to solve many engineering, chemical and metallurgical problems. In all these breakthroughs, Dr Armstrong was either the inventor or developer. Among the many achievements of PROJECT: HERCULES are:

  Completed, the defense system known as Voltes V is a scientific achievement surpassing today's technology by several hundred years. More than this, it shows what the whole of Mankind can achieve when working together and not against each other. PROJECT: HERCULES has more than just successfully completed its job. It has provided the Earth with a defense system that equals the military might of the Boazanian Empire.


taken from Questor Magazine Vol.1 No. 1

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