Voltes V Heroes

Dr. Ned Armstrong (Kentaro Gou)(La Gour)(Baron Hrothgar)(Go Kentaro)- is the nephew of the Boazanian emperor, almost became emperor himself but was imprisoned for posing as a horned Boazanian, later escaped to Earth and had three children by the earthling Mrs. Armstrong.  He is the creator of Voltes Five.  Before coming to earth, he had a child by the Boazanian named Bree--this child later grew up to become Prince Zardos.

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Mrs. Armstrong (Mitsuyo Gou)- is the wife of Dr. Armstrong.  She is the mother of Steve, Big Bert, and Little John (Kenichi, Daishiro and Hiyoshi).  She was the first casualty in the Voltes' team, piloting a jet into the beast fighter so that Voltes could be released.


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Dr. Smith (Dr. Hamaguchi)-  Dr. Hamaguchi or Professor Hamaguchi (Dr. Smith) help in the creation of Voltes V.  He was the second casualty of our heroes' fight against the Boazanians.

Dr. Hook (Prof. Sakunji)- he was the replacement when Dr. Smith was killed.  He also helped in the creation of Voltes V.  He was responsible for training the Voltes V crew harder, and adding one more weapon to Voltes V. However the weapon was a failure until a mysterious red eagle plane, piloted by General Danbei (the one who looked like a cross between Col. Sanders of KFC and Santa claus), sent a full Voltes V blueprint. After some adjustments, the weapon was ready.

Commander Robinson (General Oka)(funny how a commander could become a general when translated into a different language, huh)- he also helped in the creation of Voltes V.  In one of the episodes, his daughter Jamie found a ring and wore it.  It turned out that the ring was actually an enemy robot who possessed her mind and controlled her.  Commander Robinson died saving her.

The Voltes V Team

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Steve Armstrong
(Kenichi Gou)

           Steve is the eldest son of Dr. Armstrong.  He is the leader of the Voltes team.  When he is not riding his motorcycle, he is flying Volt Cruiser, which forms the head of the mighty robot.   His main expertise and choice of wepon is the laser pistol.

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Steve was very adventurous as a child. Although the Armstrongs loved their children very much, they had to scold Steve more often than Big Bert or Little Jon. This was because Steve ovten went out with his friends without telling his parents. Each time he disappeared, his parents worried very much but they couldn't stop Steve from exploring his world.

The disappearance of Dr. Armstrong changed Steve. He realized he had to help his mother take care of his younger brothers. This made him more responsible. So, early in life, Steve learned to carry his own share of work.


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Mark Gordon

     Mark was originally a rodeo rider.  He is an expert on horseback riding and his main choice of weapon is the whip.  He pilots the Volt Bomber, which forms the arms of Voltes V.

Mark was orphaned while still very young. Mrs. Gordon sacrificed her life so that her husband and son could live, while Mark's father died of illness.

Not knowing how his mother died, Mark grew up disliking all mothers.

Mark earned a living for himself by doing odd jobs. He learned to take care of himself and to fight to keep what was his. No boy in town could beat Mark in fighting. This separated Mark from the rest of the boys.

Having no one to share his experiences with, Mark grew to love horses. However, he was often frustrated because he had no horse of his own. He finally got a chance to be closer to horses when he joined the Rodeo. Here, he learned how to ride and how to use a whip.

Mark found his greates friend in Alpha, the King of the Wild Horses. The two were inseparable. With Alpha beneath him, Mark won the World Rodeo Championships three years in a row.

One day, Earth International Defense asked Mark to join them. He refused, but had no choice. For the first time, Mark and Alpha were separated.


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Big Bert Armstrong

            Big Bert Armstrong Steve's younger brother.   He flies Volt Panzer, which forms  the body of Voltes V.         His main expertise and choice of wepon is the Jo.

The practical joker of the Armstrong family, Big Bert always teased his brothers, Steve and Little Jon, but after their father left, Big Bert suddenly changed. He stopped playing with his brothers. Mrs. Armstrong was alarmed at her son's change. Something had to be done.

So, Mrs. Armstrong sent Big Bert to live in the country. There, Big Bert lived with an old priest-monk who was a master of many Martial Arts. Being a wise man, the Monk left Big Bert alone. This way, Big Bert could think about and meditate over his problem.

Slowly, Big Bert learned he had to come out of his shell and face the world. Watching the monk practice everyday, he became in Martial Arts. He became the monk's pupil and learned all that the monk could teach him about Martial Arts.

When Big Bert joined his brothers, he was already an expert in Martial Arts defense. The Battle Staff was his specialty. Together with Steve and Little Jon, he began training for Voltes V. Big Bert secretly hoped that this special training had something to do with his father's long absence. He was right!


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Little John Armstrong

            Little John is the youngest of the brothers.
He flies Volt Frigate, which form the legs Voltes V.   He is an expert in aquatic tactics and robotics.

Little Jon never felt the warmth and love of a real father. Several months after he was born, Dr. Armstrong left his family.

Little Jon's eldest brother, Steve, became like a father to him. Together with Big Bert, Steve protected Little Jon. But they could never forget that Little Jon was their youngest brother and they teased him often.

Because of this, Little Jon often locked himself in his room to play with his toys. He was curious about them and wondered what made them work. He studied his toys and even took them apart. When he put them together again, they worked even better than before. Soon, Little Jon was fixing household appliances and gadgets.

At school, Little Jon was not interested with most of his studies. But through the Mentat 21 Instructor, he learned Mechanics, Electromagnetics and Quantum Mechanics. He was considered a genius since he mastered these subjects at a very young age.

As a hobby, Little Jon liked to play with remote-controlled boats. He even created a small robot, Octo One. With Voltes V, he became the team's expert at fixing and repairing Voltes V whenever it broke down.


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Jamie Robinson

            Jamie Robinson is the daughter of Commander Robinson.   She flies the Volt lander which forms the feet of Voltes V.   She is an expert in the art of the ninja.

Developing their senses, bodies and minds was a tradition in Jamie's family. Because of this, Jamie received special training as a little girl. Before she was thirteen, Jamie already possessed extraordinary physical abilities and powers.

At the same time, Jamie's sensitivity as a girl was also developed by her Oriental mother. From her, Jamie learned the gentle arts as well as the manners of a young lady.

Because of this family environment of love and care, Jamie's life was directed towards making her a better and happier person.

Jamie did not just learn Oriental customs. Commander Robinson taught her the ways of the West. Jamie also attended an International School. Here, she acquired a very modern outlook.

Jamie became the perfect blend of Oriental and Occidental cultures, of the past and the present. She always remained calm and quiet in the face of trouble. But she also enjoyed going to parties, discoes and having fun.

Because of her abilities, Jamie was selected to join Voltes V. Today, she protects and defends Earth against the Boazanian invaders. After all, she had special training from birth. More than this, she is a woman of the Earth.



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