Doctor Armstrong was actually a non-horned Boazanian who came to earth after escaping Boazania, but before this.......

The Cast:



    Now, the 123rd Boazanian Emperor had no wife and no heir.  There was no one to succeed him.  One day, his brother was blessed with the birth of the long-awaited heir.  This event was greeted with great joy by the Nobility.  At long last, someone would succeed the Emperor. v5h1baby.jpg (19690 bytes)

        Unknown to all, the child was born without any horns, the symbol of the Nobility.  Because of this, it was most likely that the child would never become the Emperor even if his blood was the blood of Royalty.   Worse, it was possible that the child would drop to the status of a slave


v5h1dadstab.jpg (12909 bytes)
When the father learned about his son's abnormality, he was filled with despair.

     He knew that his son would live a very hard life so he decided to kill the child.  Going up to the child's cradle, he had already raised the dagger, when.... v5h1dadstopd.jpg (27067 bytes)
    With tears streaming down her cheeks, the mother cried out for him to "Stop!" "The child has no fault. If you kill the child, then kill me first!" Feeling the great sorrow in his wife's heart, and even his own, the father let the child live. And so, the misfortune was left a great secret between them and the doctor. docmom.JPG (9877 bytes)

v5h1kid.jpg (15504 bytes)v5h1kid2.jpg (14723 bytes) v5h1remhorn.jpg (13035 bytes) v5h1punch.jpg (4133 bytes) v5h1fallwhorn.jpg (15806 bytes)

    Named Baron Hrothgar, the child was given a pair of artificial horns. Everyone believed that he was a deserving member of the Nobility. However, the child knew he really had no horns on his head. He saw that the Non-Horned people were being oppressed. The mother told him that it has always been so. Taking off his artificial horns, he asked, "But I have no horns. What makes me so different from them?" Anguished, his mother could not answer him. The child never mentioned the subject again.

v5h1proud.jpg (21908 bytes)      Graduating with the highest honors in Science, Baron Hrothgar was appointed to the Ministry of Science. He rose to the top quickly. In no time at all, he became the Minister of Science at a very young age




v5h1love2.jpg (22702 bytes)           v5h1love.jpg (21823 bytes)          v5h1kiss.jpg (3751 bytes)

    Baron Hrothgar married the fairest and most beautiful maiden in all of Boazania, Bree (in Japanese version: Rozalia). Their love was so strong that Baron Hrothgar revealed his secret to her. Instead of rejecting him, she accepted his secret. Together, they lived a beautiful and happy life.

    The day came when the Emperor passed away. That day, the bells tolled long and loud all over Boazania. For a long time, Boazania was mourning.

The problem of who would become the next Emperor arose. Only two people could claim any right to the Emperor's seat:
v5h2bow.jpg (13578 bytes) the son of the emperor's brother, Baron Hrothgar, v5h2madbro.jpg (12504 bytes) and the child of the emperor's mistress, Zu Zanbazil.
However, it looked like the next Emperor would be Baron Hrothgar. Through descent and by Law, he was the rightful heir.

      As the Emperor, Baron Hrothgar could finally make his childhood dream come true. This was the creation of a free planet where the Non-Horned tribe could live on equal terms with the Horned tribe. Believing he would be the Emperor, Baron Hrothgar and Bree were filled with joy. But it was too soon for them to begin rejoicing. Perils lay in store for them.

v5h2plot.jpg (25237 bytes)     Ambitious, Zanbazil also wanted to become Emperor. Together with friends faithful to him, Zanbazil plotted a conspiracy against Baron Hrothgar. He assigned his spies to find out all the weak points of Baron Hrothgar so that he could discredit the Emperor's nephew.

v5h2stop.jpg (13874 bytes)

v5h2exposed.jpg (14662 bytes)

dehorned.jpg (4538 bytes)

    On the day of the coronation, the Temple where the ceremony was to take place was filled with an air of tense excitement. As the Crown was about to be placed on Baron Hrothgar's head, Zanbazil stopped the proceedings. Boldly walking forward, he went up to Baron Hrothgar and tore off Baron Hrothgar's artificial horns. The crowd was shocked.
v5h2arrest.jpg (7718 bytes)

v5h2judge.jpg (10711 bytes)

v5h2sapak.jpg (32009 bytes)
    Baron Hrothgar was immediately placed under arrest and sent to Slave Camp while Zanbazil was crowned Emperor.  At the Camp, baron Hrothgar lived a miserable existence.  His troubles increased when he learned that his beloved wife, Bree, died while giving birth.  

v5h2prison.jpg (9829 bytes)

v5h2prisonguy.jpg (18412 bytes)

v5h2prisondoc.jpg (16461 bytes)




    Zu Zanbazil was now the 124th Emperor of the Boazanian Star Empire. Those who had faithfully followed him and served his cause, Zanbazil rewarded generously. The others who had opposed his rule were treated harshly and punished severely. This was the kind of rule Zanbazil led.

    At that time, the Boazanian Star Empire included its neighboring planets in its Solar System. During the reign of the 88th Emperor, Boazania had embarked on a program of conquest which was very successful. Ever since then, Boazania had not conquered any other planets and lived in peace.

    Zu Zanbazil's ambitiousness was so great that he decided to repeat the initial program of conquest. This time, he wanted Boazanian rule to dominate even the Galaxy's edges. Thus, war preparations were made and the Armies of Boazania strengthened. The production of giant Beast Fighters increased at a very rapid rate, Boazanian armament and weaponry was improved and made more destructive. Soldiers were given special battle training.

v5h2prisonwoe.jpg (15337 bytes)      Meanwhile, Baron Hrothgar was leading a miserable life as a slave. His birthright stolen from him, Baron Hrothgar's heart blazed furiously with anger. He swore to overthrow the Empire of Zanbazil and free the slaves. Armed with his knowledge of science, Baron Hrothgar devised weapons with which to fight the army. The Non-Horned Tribe rallied to his cause and helped Baron Hrothgar prepare and plan for a revolution.
v5h2vow.jpg (15064 bytes)

v5hescape.jpg (21894 bytes)v5hescape2.jpg (24406 bytes)v5hescape3.jpg (26259 bytes)

    While the army was polishing up, Baron Hrothgar looked for a way to escape them. He went to the Space Port and commandeered a vessel. With it, he broke through the blockade and escaped into Space. For a long time, he drifted around the universe, an exile of the planet. It took him years to reach Earth, where he took the identity of Dr. Armstrong (in Japanese: Prof. Kentaro Gou), and built the super robot Voltes V to battle the Boazanian invasion forces.



    After the Slave Revolt, Zanbazil ordered the burning of all pictures of Baron Hrothgar. He even forbade the mention of Baron Hrothgar's name. He did this so that all memory of Baron Hrothgar would be erased from Boazanian history.

    Fearing and hating Baron Hrothgar, Zanbazil knew he had to find Baron Hrothgar and kill him. He sent out scout ships to scour the Universe, searching for Baron Hrothgar.

    Fleeing from Zanbazil's rage and punishment, Baron Hrothgar's parents went to live in the country. They brought their son, Baron Hrothgar's heir, with them. As outcasts of Baozanian Nobility, they kept away from their former friends and the public.

    In this environment, Baron Hrothgar's son was raised. He was given all the love and attention of his grandparents. He was given the best training and education possible through private tutors. These tutors were specialists in their respective fields and they imparted their knowledge to Baron Hrothgar's son.

YOUNGZARDOS.JPG (8919 bytes) There was a sour note though, Baron Hrothgar's son was safe only in the house of his grandparents. Everyone knew who he was and who his father was.They transferred their anger at Baron Hrothgar and to his son. Once the child stepped out into the streets, the people stared at him, ridiculed and insulted him. They called him a traitor's son. Even the children of his age looked down on him and treated him badly. They threw sticks and stones and jeered at him. Worse, they never let him play with them.

    Baron Hrothgar's son lived a very troubled and lonely life. But he never cried, he never shed any tears. Instead, he felt angry. Inwardly, he thought, "Why do they call me traitor just because my father was a traitor. Why are they cruel to me? Why? Why? Just wait and watch! One of these days, I will do a brave and glorious deed that everyone will respect me. I will never let them all me a traitor's son again!".

    With this resolve, Baron Hrothgar's son, Prince Zardoz (in Japanese: Prince Heinel), studied military arts and tactics. He was the best student of the Institute of Military Science and Warfare and he had proven himself numerous times in battle. He was rewarded by being appointed the leader of the Earth Invasion Forces. v5youngzardos2.jpg (19062 bytes)


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