Baron Hrothgar, now known as Dr. Armstrong married a woman from our planet earth.  She was a  professor named Mitsuyo in the Japanese series, they had 3 sons: Steve, Big Bert, and Little John.  After establishing himself in the field of science, Dr. Armstrong teamed up with Dr. Smith and Commander Robinson to anticipate the coming of the Boazanians. They created a defense headquarters on a falcon-shaped island and called it Camp Big Falcon.  This would become the base of their weapon of defense, a super robot called Voltes V.  Then, Doctor Armstrong disappeared without a trace.

  voltesssssss FAIYVAH!

    The robot was assembled from 5 vehicles, each piloted by a talented person. They are the three sons of Doctor Armstrong, plus Jamie Robinson-the daughter of Commander Robinson, and Mark Gordon.


     The Boazanian army came to our planet under the command of Prince Zardos, together with his subordinates Zandra, Draco, and Zuhl.  They made their headquarters (castle) in an underground cave of an uninhabited island.   skullship

   During the first few battles, Mitsuyo, the mother of the three was killed.  Later on, Doctor Smith was also killed while trying to save Voltes V so he was replaced by his colleague, Doctor Hook.

    Behind the scenes, Doctor Armstrong was actually kidnapped by the Boazanian army, but escaped later on.  He, together with Doir--his colleague who also escaped from Boazanian prison(who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and Col. Sanders of KFC), secretely built a sophisticated defense fortress deep within the Alpen Mountains.  Doctor Armstrong made a gigantic space ship, Solar Bird, intended to be the partner of Camp Big Falcon.  That Alpen cavern also sheltered a big colony of Boazanian non-horned slaves who managed to escape to Earth.

GENERAL GURURU     When Prince Zardos' beast fighters kept on losing its battles against Voltes V, General Gururu, the chief commander of Boazanian army, was sent to Earth by the Boazanian empire.  After Zardos found out and destroyed the Alpen headquarters, Gururu kidnapped Armstrong and even showed Voltes the way to Zardos' castle.  Gururu wanted Zardos killed. The battle between Voltes and Zardos was inevitable.
    Bergan, the evil leader who replaced Zuhl, led Zardos' army to leave their base, leaving the Prince alone with the faithful Zandra and Draco. bergan
draco      The Voltes team caught up with Draco and asked him to surrender but he killed himself instead.  Zardos wanted to fight our heroes to the death but Zandra tranquilized and took him to Boazania via an escape ship.

    At this point, Bergan activated the Magmait Nuclear Bomb, which was implanted below Zardos' headquarters.  This bomb had enough power to destroy the Earth. Voltes V tried carrying or destroying the huge bomb with its laser sword, all to no avail.   Almost near the last minute, the Solar Bird appeared, piloted by Doir.  He pulled out the bomb with the Solar Bird's claws and threw it far into space, where it exploded harmlessly.

    Solar Bird then sent a special electromagnetic wave that revealed the secret of Camp Big Falcon.   Camp Big Falcon was actually a gigantic space ship!
FALCON VOLT-IN!! It rose to the sky and volted in with Solar Bird.  FALCONVOLT-IN
     Their plan was now to take the battle to Boazania and rescue Armstrong, defeat the evil Emperor Zanbazir, and free the slaves.

    As they approached Boazania, Zanbazir released his secret weapon, Sodom and Gomorrah. These were a pair of gigantic man-made satellites which could create an electric storm. This electric storm was so powerful that every object trapped in it would disintegrate.   Falcon successfully escaped the storm using its Warp technology and then entered directly into the atmosphere of Boazania.

    Doir immediately made contact with his fellow non-horned slaves in the dungeon, and all the slaves simultaneously rebelled against the Bourgeouis. They freed Armstrong from his cell and quickly gained victory as Voltes V stomped on the puny Boazanian defenses.

   The three brothers met their father with tears of joy.
steve crying Doctor Armstrong crying
Meanwhile, Zardos ran into some of the Bourgeouis Officers trying to escape the castle. He scolded them for being such cowards.

One of them wanted to shoot Zardos but Zandra saved the Prince by striking the man with the carriage she was riding. The shot missed its target but hit Zandra instead.  She died in Zardos' arms, professing her love for him.


    Prince Zardos was now furious and went to the statue of Godor, the protector god of Boazania. The statue depicted a man sitting on a chair, carrying a sword in its left hand, with a flame of green fire on the palm of its right hand. Legend has it that Godor will save Boazania if there's a man who loved his country so much that he could sacrifice himself by jumping into the flame. Zardos yelled "Long live Boazan Empire!" and then jumped into the flame.  But he didn't get burned!  He fell into a short tunnel which led him into a control room inside the Godor statue.  The Godor Statue was actually an ancient battle-robot!   So Zardos took control of Godor and fought Voltes V. The fight was incredible, both robots got many slashes and damages.  Finally, Voltes V sliced his Laser Sword into Godor's chest and ended the fight.  

Zardos jumped out from the broken Godor and then challanged Steve to a sword duel. No one won, even with both swords broken.  Zardos grabbed his knife to kill Steve but was stopped by Doctor Armstrong. steve vs. zardos

     Armstrong recognized the knife as the gift he gave to Rozalia, his Boazanian wife.  Zardos said that the knife was his mother’s.  Armstrong was shocked and realized that Zardos was actually his own son from Rozalia, and he was the big brother of Steve.  Zardos would not believe it.  Armstrong, in tears, asked Zardos to look at the knife's grip, saying that it bears the symbol of Boazania's peace. With a trembling hand, Zardos looked at the grip and was shocked to find a sculpured pair of doves on it.

    Suddenly there was disdaining laughter.  The evil Emperor Zanbazir appeared carrying boxes of treasures blaming Zardos, saying it’s all Zardos' idea to attack the Earth.   Zardos was disappointed to see Zanbazir acting like a mad man and   threw the knife at him.  Unfortunately Zanbazir was carrying a grenade. It exploded but Zardos spontaneously covered Steve and saved him from the explosion. The huge blast cracked the ground they were on and the brothers were separated by a large gap and fire.  Steve shouted at Zardos calling him “Niisan” (big brother) and also Armstrong calling his name.  Zardos looked shocked and  said slowly to Armstrong, “Otoosan” (father), then the fire engulfed him. The battle was over.   Armstrong  was then the leader of Boazania. The Warp machine was implanted into Voltes V so it could Warp itself back to earth.  Big Falcon-Solar Bird and Voltes V flew back to guard the Earth ...

Voltes team with solarbirdfalcon



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