(or some other interesting facts about voltes v)

1.In this episode, the Volt Panzer was clearly pierced, making me wonder why Little John is still alive. (see 3rd picture regarding Little John's position)ouch!hole-ly!ep16g.jpg (5350 bytes)

2.If you're an elderly male and wished to enter Camp Big Falcon, you must grow a beard.   Poor Commander Robinson was relegated to the Earth Defense Forces.  Even Doctor Armstrong's ally, Watson, gained entry to Camp Big Falcon.

let me in    can't, I'm deadhmm... i'll think about itdon't bother mergggghhhhhhh 

3.People unfamiliar with Voltes V often confuse these two characters' names:

sunny days, sweepin up..    clouds away

4.How the heck do these Boazanian soldiers wear their masks? v5h2bguard.jpg (2771 bytes)
zuhl2.jpg (1782 bytes) 5.If horns are the symbol of Boazanian glory and nobility, why was Zuhl given a ranking position in their army even if he was.......less horny?
6.Draco missed out on that promotion even though he had three horns, his scar was the subtractive factor. drako2.jpg (4473 bytes)


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