Hello! Welcome to my page. My name is Whitney. I am 28 years old. Let me tell you some about myself. I am a middle school teacher. I have taught in middle schools for the last three years and I love this age. I have taught Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies. I am currently looking for a new district/ new challenge.

I have a 4 year old son, two stepsons and a two stepdaughters. My husband Kenneth and I have my son and three of his kids under the same roof....yikes!!! It is a houseful.

My life has had many ups and downs. My first husband Jerry was killed in a car accident on his way home on January 6, 2001. He was 33. I never dreamed of losing so much so quickly. I am now raising our son Jackson without him. He was the most loving daddy, husband and human being I ever met. He will always be near my heart. Jerry preached his grandpa's funeral only about 2 weeks before his own death. Now Jerry is in paradise with his grandpa, his dear friend Donna, and our child we lost which I discuss below. I love you, Jerry. We miss you. But life does goes on I have learned. I have met a wonderful man and remarried.

The pegasus below is an image from the Baby Bunny Memorial Site. Please visit it atthis link. It is a very special site for me since I lost a child in February of 1998 in the 12th week of pregnancy. This site has been a blessing to me, and helped me see that I was not alone. Others, too, had felt this same grief. If you look closely at the pegasus, you can see a baby bunny.

If you have struggled with the loss of a baby or are trying again after the loss, please email me or visit my support site.

A Little About Me...

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Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Page: This site I created to help others deal with the loss of a child, primarily before birth. (For some reason it can only be viewed in Internet Explorer.)
My Education Page:A member of the Classroom Connection.

I have started a new business called Something Special. I am decorating parties and weddings in the Dallas area. Wish me luck!!

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